Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 3

Everything you need to know from Episode 3 of Ride or Dies

Jordan’s in the game. Will this ruin things, or mare them better?

Back for the 15th Time

In an event that surprises exactly 0 people, Aneesa joins Jordan as his partner. Of course, this is a strong team, but the person who’s most concern is Tori. After all, she was engaged to Jordan at one point.

Introducing Faysal

Fessy decided that he was going to go by Faysal — not Fessy — this season. That’s his actual name, and it translates to “the decision maker” in Arabic. But, he also admits he’s bad a making decisions. In fact, he’s been pursuing multiple women in the house. He went to sleep cuddling Michele, woke up and cuddled Laurel, spent time flirting with Colleen, and has spent time with Analyse. He promises he’ll make a decision eventually, but he can’t decide when.

Stacking the Odds

This week, the teams are playing Build Me Up. The goal is to stack six barrels and climb them to set off a flare atop a beam. This is done three times, then the barrels must be carried across the finish line. The game’s played in two heats, and the first heat is won by Faysal & Moriah. In the second heat, Ravyn & Johnny and Horacio & Olivia are in the lead. Meanwhile, Jordan has to hold back because he’s working with Aneesa. According to Tori, it’s “beautiful,” but it keeps the team from winning. In the end, Johnny & Ravyn are the winners of their heats, but Faysal & Moriah have the fastest overall time, so they win the challenge.

Big Brother Betrayal

In deliberation, Faysal & Moriah nominated Colleen & Kim, Johnny & Ravyn, Tommy & Analyse, and Horacio & Olivia. While some teams understand they’re rookies, Analyse & Tommy are really upset. They haven’t performed well, but they are numbers for Faysal. Meanwhile, Johnny asks Faysal for a favor. He wants to ensure his team won’t face Horacio & Olivia, and Faysal know these two are strong rookie teams. Helping one out might be a worthy investment down the road.

The Exes and the Whys

The cast goes out, the rookies scheme, but the real show is between Tori and Jordan. For the first time in a year and a half, the two actually talk. Tori claims she felt abandoned in their relationship, and at one point while they were together, Jordan chose not to care about her any more. But, she also acknowledges that she did a lot to him (like hooking up with Fessy), but she apologizes to him. They leave the conversation on good terms, but who knows how long that will last.

Backstabbed With the Safety Dagger

At The Zone, Johnny & Ravyn get sent into elimination. So, it’s time to draw daggers. Analyse & Tommy pull the safety dagger and need to choose a pair to send down. They pick Horacio & Olivia, and this is an act of betrayal. While at the club, the Big Brother duo made a safety-for-safety agreement with Horacio & Olivia. The problem is, they made that agreement with every team in the draw. So, one was going to get backstabbed.

Pride Before the Hall

It’s Hall Brawl, but with a twist. There are two halls: one atop the other. The men are in the lower hall, and the first person to push their opponent back to their zone will release their partner’s gate in the top hall, giving a one second head start. The first girl to push her opponent back into their zone wins the heat. Best of three wins. In the first heat, Horacio inches Johnny back by observing how he changes his stance, and using the shift in position to gain ground. Then, Olivia uses her anger to push back Ravyn. In the second heat, men and women shift positions. Olivia comes out with a lot of force and pushes Ravyn out of her shoes. Horacio cruises out of the gate and Johnny falls down. Then, he picks himself up and pushed Horacio back. It comes down to a final heat, and the men begin. Horacio wins for the men with the same strategy as the first time, and Olivia get out and flings Rayvn back with ease, eliminated Johnny & Ravyn.

Another Surprise

TJ teases the competitors with another surprise. Then he backtracks. Then he says, “bring ’em out.” Who’s coming?

… Darrell & Veronica. Obviously, we know. It’s been all over the previews.

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