Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 5

Everything you need to know from Episode 5 of Ride or Dies

There are veterans, there are rookies, then there’s this episode.

A Whopper Victory

It’s a Burger King challenge week, and the restaurant is going to up the ante in Royal Relay by giving the winners $5,000 each. The game is a relay race to collect four pieces of a crown. Competitors start with a swim, and in the first heat, Michele puts pressure on Laurel by outpacing her. After the swim, competitors need to row to collect pieces, alternating who rows, then assemble the crown. With their lead, Michele & Jay win the first heat. In the second heat, nobody thinks they need to swim or row fast. Tori & Devin win, but Jay & Michele get the money and the power.

Revenge or Restrategize

At deliberation, the Survivor duo has a hard time picking teams. Michele is skeptical of Laurel & Jakk, and both of them have reasons to say Jordan & Aneesa. It would be an obvious choice to send in Bananas & Nany because they nominated Jay & Michele during the second week, but Michele feels saving this team would go a long way. So, they round out the nominees with Darrell & Veronica and Kim & Colleen.

Three Vets and a Rookie

The interrogation starts with Darrell & Veronica, and every team is essentially given the same reason for their nomination: they don’t talk game with Jay & Michele, so the Survivors don’t know where they stand in the game. But, Veronica is confused by the mix of rookies and veterans because there isn’t a clear outcome from the nominees. The duo anticipates a big blowout from Laurel & Jakk, but they don’t get much. Laurel is silent, and she feels Michele is making decisions based on feelings rather than actual conversations. But, the winning team leaves the interrogation unsure of who they will send directly into The Zone.

Foe or Fiction

After deliberation, Jakk is upset with Jay because he felt they were getting close, but Jay betrayed him. Meanwhile, Michele talks to Laurel. The conversation starts out slow, but Laurel eventually shows her frustration. She feels that she’s not winning anything, so she’s unsure why she’s one of Michele’s targets. This makes Michele feel the animosity might have all been in her head, but Laurel also doesn’t feel that there’s a path to work move forward in the game with Michele.

Safety By Default

At The Zone, Laurel & Jakk get sent straight into elimination. Jakk’s mad, but now we need the second team. Kim & Colleen and Jordan & Aneesa both draw blank daggers, defaulting power to Darrell & Veronica. Veronica says she expected some assurance from Aneesa when they saw the nominees, but she didn’t get it. Still, she saves the veterans because she feels the need to remain close to friends. So, Kim & Colleen will be facing Laurel & Jakk in Give Me Some Slack.

Letting Us Down

The game is a communication-based puzzle. One player will climb a wall to see a huge answer key, but their partner will need to climb a separate wall to collect smaller pieces, then they will need to recreate the puzzle on a smaller scale. The catch? There’s not enough rope for both teammates to stand on the ground. When one person goes up, the other goes down. Kim starts by getting all of the pieces so Colleen can just spit out answers. Meanwhile, Jakk is frazzled. Kim calls for a check, but the puzzle is wrong. So, Laurel gets ready for a check and her pieces fall. She needs to go back to the key. She yells at Jakk, but he is able to use that anger and get the job done. They win, eliminating Kim & Colleen.

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