Challenge: Ride or Dies

Why is Nelson Protecting the Veterans on Ride or Dies

Nelson had power. Did he use it correctly?

It’s a miracle! After 54 losses, Nelson won a challenge.

It had been a while since he had any type of power, but in the past, he always went after the big dogs. Now, he’s telling Nurys not to target veterans and go after rookies. But, is this really a smart move?

If we look at this cast, Nelson seems like the oddball when it comes to veterans. People like Aneesa, Nany, Devin, Tori, Faysal, and Kaycee have all worked together in the past; they were in an alliance last season and hang out when the cameras aren’t rolling. But Nelson isn’t part of this clique.

Well, after losing 8 seasons he likely picked up on the fact that targeting one member of an alliance will piss off the other members of the group. So, if Nelson called out a vet, he’d definitely face retaliation. His decision to target rookies will probably keep him safe for a few weeks (assuming veterans win).

But, there’s a core alliance on this season, and Nelson isn’t a part of it. So, he could have used the opportunity to drive a wedge between friends and force a veteran to go home. Because, at the end of the day, the other vets would rather not have Nelson in the final. He’s probably six or seventh in the alliance’s hierarchy, and that means he’ll get targeted sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Nurys may not have history with her rookie friends, but there’s a good chance they would actually take her to the end. There seems to be an assumption that rookies won’t win anything, but the worst ones have likely been weeded out by this point. Now, we’re looking at the more competitive teams.

So, should Nelson have targeted a veteran? Honestly, I think the answer is yes. If he gets to the final, he’s going to have to fight. But based on his record, he’s pretty good at eliminations. So, he needs to take the opportunities he has to make veterans duke it out. If he doesn’t they’re just going to rotate power each week until someone makes the “hard” but predictable decision to send Nelson to The Zone.

Either way, he’s going to be nominated. He had the power to disrupt the status quo, and he didn’t take it.

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