CT Tamburello

CT Files for Divorce from Wife Lilianet Solares

Is a "CT's Getting Divorced" spin-off coming?

CT is proving that he really is the Tom Brady of The Challenge. Much like the NFL great, he moved from Massachusetts to Florida. Now, he’s filing for divorce.

In 2018, the pair got married on the MTV special “CT’s Getting Married.” Since then, CT has brought home three fat checks by winning three Challenge seasons and starred in a movie, but his relationship with Lili hasn’t been without its struggles. On Double Agents, he revealed he had been separated from her, though they reconciled later. Earlier this year, rumors began when CT posted song lyrics on his Instagram alluding to relationship struggles.

However, the couple showed up to the MTV Movie Awards in 2022, seemingly dismissing rumors of a split.

Now, that split is official. There’s no public explanation behind the break up yet, but the two will need to remain co-parents. The two have a son — Chris, Jr. “CJ” — as CT revealed on Invasion of the Champions. Maybe this could land Lili a gig on Teen Mom, despite the fact that she’s 30.

All jokes aside, I wish the best for both people and their son. CT has grown up a lot over the years, and he’ll likely be able to handle his new parenting responsibilities with respect.

Maybe this means he’ll be back on The Challenge, or maybe, he’s off to bigger, better things.

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