The Challenge

CT Hints He Might Be Ready to Retire from The Challenge

Season 38 won't have CT, but is he done for good?

The Challenge: Untold History as us reminiscing on prior seasons, but the future might look a bit different. CT seems to imply that he doesn’t see as much of The Challenge in his future.

CT retire Challenge

The back-to-back champion recently went on Devin’s podcast (because everyone has one), and talked about his transition into movies. Around the 25 minute mark, he said that it’s time to “ride off into the sunset” after winning Spies, Lies and Allies. He says that he’s done the show for so long, he’s getting older, and he doesn’t really have anything to prove.

So does this mean he’s done for good? Well, he maintains a “never say never” attitude. In his interview with Devin, and on his Entertainment Weekly interview after Spies, Lies and Allies, he said he’s never officially retired, and this sentiment holds true to All Stars. The spin-offs are still time commitments, even if they’re not as long, and they’d require him to leave his family and pause the process of getting other jobs.

But, CT said this in the past. After Final Reckoning, as he celebrated 15 years with The Challenge, he told Rolling Stone he couldn’t see himself on The Challenge at 40. He was 38 years old at the time, and two years later he was winning the show at age 40. So, I wouldn’t take these announcements as permanent intentions.

But, CT does have acting roles in the future, so that could make it harder for him to do another season. However, MTV knows he’s a big name, and they’ll pay him a nice check just to show up. Even if he loses a season, he’s a winner behind the scenes. If he doesn’t have a busy schedule, The Challenge will always be a tempting option.

As long as The Challenge is on the air, CT will be contacted. But, I am fairly confident he’s at a point in his life where the time commitment is a big issue, and not necessarily something he will be able to accommodate. This might mean he’ll be forced to say “no” to multiple seasons, and if he comes back, it will need to be on his terms.

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