Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 7

The top moments from episode 7 of Ride or Dies

Two veterans are back, and the Survivors are left to survive.

Contract Renewal

Last week, Jay & Michele saved Devin & Tori because Devin made a “one-week deal.” He approaches Tori about renewing that contract, but Tori doesn’t want to. She’s angry he came after Jordan & Aneesa, and she believes she can play an honorable game without having to make deals with the whole house. But, some people are noticing that they’re playing a sneaky game — particularly Amber, who was Michele informed of the one-week deal.

Peeping Devin

The challenge is called Peaking Blinders, and it’s a memory puzzle. One partner balances on a thin beam that will open window blinds when it’s being stood on. The other partner will memorize the puzzle, but once the balancer falls, the team must run to a second board and recreate the color pattern. The process will repeat until one team has successfully reproduced the puzzle. Some teams have memory strategies, like Nelson & Nurys and Devin & Tori, while other teams have different strategies. Veronica and Aneesa decide to

Power Moves Without the Power

Before the deliberation, Jay and Devin talk to Nelson and say that they want to take the veterans out of the game so two new people win this season. Then, Devin confesses that he doesn’t trust Amber and he never has, which is troubling for Nelson because he want to work with Amber. But, when selecting the nominees, there are so few numbers. Nelson decides to call down Amber & Chauncey, Aneesa & Jordan, Darrell & Veronica, and Bananas & Nany. He’s hoping that Darrell and Amber will be using their friendship to save each other when a pulling daggers. And despite Nelson being in power, Devin gets a lot of the blame for orchestrating the move.

New Targets, New Excuses

At the interrogation, Nelson basically guarantees Darrell & Veronica safety. He says Amber will save Darrell at the dagger draw and Aneesa will save Veronica. This implies Bananas & Nany will be sent directly into The Zone. But, Amber gets really emotional because she had Nelson in her “top 4,” and based on the teams that Nelson nominated, she’s not in his top 4. Then, Bananas & Nany speak fairly aggressively to Nelson. They say they should not be sent directly into The Zone because they won a challenge and didn’t even nominate Nelson. Plus, if they were trying to make a big move, why aren’t real threats on the board, like Faysal?

A Snake and a Story

Nurys hears Amber calling Devin the biggest snake in the house, so she tells Nelson. Then, Nelson tells Devin, who reveals that Chauncey told Jordan he’d be targeting Jay in an effort to build trust with Jordan. Now Nelson is upset with Amber, and confronts her & Chauncey. They admit that a conversation did happen, but no promises were made. So, Amber becomes upset because Nelson is questioning her boyfriend.

Snakes, Lies and Allies

The cast gets home from the club, and Devin confronts Michele. She wants to know what Amber said about him while Michele had power. Michele says she asked why Devin didn’t get nominated — that’s it. Devin rejects this and pushes Michele for more information. Obviously, she has more information, like when Amber called Devin a snake, but she doesn’t reveal it. So the two walk away angry, but Tori’s happy. She was looking for an excuse to sever ties with Jay & Michele.

Saving Face

At The Zone, Nelson calls Amber & Chauncey directly into elimination. Jay’s shocked, but Devin chuckles — this is what he wanted. Then, daggers get pulled. Bananas & Nany immediately pull the safe one, so they choose to save Jordan & Aneesa. Despite the initial promises, Darrell & Veronica are now facing Amber & Chauncey in Deep Web.

World Wide Webbing

The elimination is a multilayered race where players have to climb up & down multiple floors, navigating through webbed platforms to get to the bottom. Then, they retrieve a piece at the bottom and bring it to the top, 8 pieces in all. These pieces will allow them to solve a puzzle for victory. Darrell and Chauncey get down quickly, and Amber looks like a noodle going down the webbed floors. But, Veronica has some technical difficulties because her booty is making it hard to get back up. She figures out how to move, but Amber & Chauncey have a lead. Eventually, the Road Rulers catch up at the puzzle, and Amber can’t figure out how to make the pieces fit. The spectators get bored because they’re taking so long, but eventually it clicks for Amber & Chauncey and they win.

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