Challenge: Ride or Dies

Nelson Explain Why Devin Didn’t Manipulate Him

Nobody controls Nelson, not even Devin.

On this week’s episode of Ride or Dies, Nelson won again, and he set the stage for a big move. He had four teams nominated for elimination, and five of the players were Champions — each team had at least one.

But, we see him sitting in his room with Devin and Jay, and it seems like they’re getting into his ear. They don’t want a champion to win another season, so Devin suggest going after the champs. This leads viewers to believe that Nelson will call Bananas & Nany directly into The Zone. Instead, his focus shifts to Amber & Chauncey after Devin becomes skeptical of Amber and argues with Michele about her.

So, if it wasn’t Devin’s doing, what happened between nominations and The Zone that saved Bananas & Nany? Nelson says it started with a fight before winning Peaking Blinders, a challenge he won thanks to a strategy he received from Wes.

Nelson highlighted a few points that are overlooked in the episode. Firstly, he allegedly got into an argument with Bananas — an important detail that was ignored but soured their relationship this season. So, Nelson didn’t know if he could really trust Bananas.

He also claims he’d been working with Faysal since the first episode. Is this a smart move? Maybe, because Faysal actually wins things and he didn’t nominate Nelson when he won. But, we can’t ignore the fact that Faysal took out Nelson in a Hall Brawl on Double Agents. Clearly he’ll compromise his friends to advance his game, but that hasn’t happened yet this season.

There’s also the perception that Devin manipulated Nelson, and Nelson rejects this because they’ve always been in cahoots. Keep in mind, they were on Are You the One? 3 and have maintained a relationship since. So, if Devin is skeptical of someone in the game, Spider Nelly T is going to listen because advancing Devin’s game advances his game.

Nelson eventually called Amber into The Zone because Devin wanted her gone and he lost trust in her.

Ultimately, Nelson and Nurys can make their own choices, but it seems like Bananas put in a effort to patch things up. If this is true, it’s a shame this whole argument was left on the cutting room floor. Bananas could have sweetened the deal to keep himself safe, but we don’t know anything about that.

Given the four teams in the nominations, Darrell & Veronica leaving seems like the worst case scenario. So, there’s clearly more to this story that we’re not seeing. But it does seems like Nelson made a shortsighted move. Whether it was Devin’s influence or a different motivation, it seems likely that he’ll face repercussions for this decision down the road.

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