Challenge: Ride or Dies

Is Moriah’s Team Screwed?

Faysal's team weighs more, but can they do more?

This week, we saw a twist in the game. Ride or Dies have been split up and placed on separate teams.

Faysal’s has a lot of muscle on his team, but Moriah’s team is a bit smaller and possibly more strategic. On paper, it seems like his squad is in a much better position to take home some wins.

Faysal & Moriah came into the game as “Ride or Dies,” but it feels like he dropped her as soon as the possibility arose. Moriah echoed this feeling on Twitter, and it was repeated by her on the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast. In fact, Bananas seems happy he wasn’t on her team because it’s filled of weaker competitors.

Despite his efforts to sabotage his opposing team, does Fessy really have the superior squad? Moriah’s team has: Moriah, Kenny, Jordan, Nany, Amber, Nurys, Horacio, Devin. Faysal’s team has: Faysal, Kaycee, Aneesa, Bananas, Chauncey, Nelson, Olivia, Tori.

A lot of people are comparing his roster to the Blue team on Battle of the Bloodlines — the infamous team that never won a single Challenge. But we need to remember, people like Vince, Aneesa, and Kellyanne were OK with throwing challenges. And they weren’t necessarily wrong for doing it. As boring as it made the season, there were times when winning would be detrimental for Bloodline duos.

But, let’s assume we’re not throwing daily Challenges. When giving earnest efforts, is Moriah’s team completely screwed?

I really don’t think so. If the Challenge is moving sandbags across a field, Faysal’s team is clearly superior. Otherwise, either team has a chance. I’d say Moriah’s team is much faster, so they’ll have speed on their side. Plus, they have Devin, who is pretty good with puzzles. Undoubtedly, Tori is a strong player, but she adds strength to a team that already has it. Devin adds strategy to a team that needs it.

Moriah’s team also has Jordan, who seems to be able to win anything (despite perceived shortcomings) and Nurys, who helped break Nelson’s 50+ challenge losing streak. Helping this team wins seems like child’s play compared to these feats.

I see potential for this team to be like the Emerald cell on Spies, Lies and Allies. They didn’t have CT or the strength of someone like Nelson, but they were well-rounded. Meanwhile, the opposition had shortcomings that held them back.

I admit, I am interested to see how this team performs. But, I know The Challenge. Odds are, the format will just change again.

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