Challenge: Ride or Dies

Kenny’s Still In the Game: Is The Ride or Dies Twist Good?

Kenny Clark could return, and it's not necessarily a bad thing.

This week was the first first time the Ride or Dies cast competed on large teams, and only one person was eliminated: Kenny. But, he’s not really gone. If Kaycee survives the team portion of the game, he will be reunited with his sister.

So, he’s could return. And I know that a lot of people are scratching their heads, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When the cast was first divided, it was giving serious Bloodlines vibes, and for good reason. But that season had really confusing formatting. One person went into elimination while their Bloodline sat on the sideline unable to compete. The losing player took their bloodline home with them.

This season, Kaycee gets to continue competing. While she’s unsure how the game will proceed without a Ride or Die, her journey isn’t over without getting a chance fend for herself.

Plus, every team had a chance to get thrown into elimination, unlike Bloodlines were same-sex teams got weeks off while co-ed teams were vulnerable each week.

Dare I say it, this season is similar to Bloodlines, but better. It’s not perfect, but it made improvements. On Bloodlines, the blue team basically threw every daily challenge because there was no real benefit to winning. Now, if we assume weeks will alternate between male and female eliminations, some people might want to throw challenges, but I doubt any one team will allow themselves to be so vulnerable.

It’s unclear if teams will learn about the twist, but at least it incentivizes people to try. Competitors are savvy enough to know that they don’t want to be lone rangers without their Ride or Dies, and even though Kaycee doesn’t have a death sentence without Kenny, she’s also in a unique position.

The (potential) down side to the twist: We’re going to see some people return. Some weeks will be rendered useless because players don’t truly get eliminated, but at least it encourages competition in the game.

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