Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 10

The top moments from episode 10 of Ride or Dies

Duos are over and the house is divided. What’s going to happen?

An Ex Partner and an Ex Lover

With the new teams, eyes turn to Devin and Jordan. They two have never worked together, but they’re forced onto the same team. Devin claims he’ll work to keep himself & Tori and Jordan & Aneesa safe (provided they’re on the same page), and Jordan starts to talk with him. They seem to be cordial, but Devin admits that Tori was hurt by Jordan’s hookup with Nurys because she’s still in love with Jordan. But Jordan’s quick to call out the hypocrisy, as she’s been hooking up on TV for over a year, and he continues his fling with Nurys.

Fall Brawl

Holy shit — this mission is inspired by Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, and Antonio Banderas has a message for the cast. It’s really just empty fluff, but it leads to the mission: Last Life. It’s kind of like Hall Brawl over water. One person starts on one platform, and their opponent is on another. They meet in the middle and try to push their opponent into the water. Each player has one life, so the team that loses all of their lives loses the heat. We have the men on the pink team (Faysal’s team): Nelson, Bananas, Chauncey, and Faysal and the yellow team (Moriah’s team): Devin, Horacio, Jordan, and Kenny.

Nelson vs. Devin: Both fall, but Nelson wins because he had his foot on the platform last.
Bananas vs. Horacio: Horacio wins
Chauncey vs. Jordan: Chaunce wins
Faysal vs. Kenny: Faysal wins
Because the yellow team has one life left, Horacio, we move to round 2. Faysal is able to eliminate Horacio and allow the yellow team to win with three lives.


Now, it’s the girls’ turn. We have the pink team: Kaycee, Olivia, Tori, and Aneesa again the yellow team: Moriah, Nany, Amber, and Nurys. The girls pair up in the order mentioned, and the pink team wins every heat, so team pink wins overall. But, when Olivia pushes Nany off she takes a hard fall. She’s taken away in an ambulance, and now her fate is in limbo.

The New Decision

Now that Faysal’s team won, they need to send one guy directly into The Zone. Kenny feels like he’s definitely going in, but at deliberation, the team toys with the idea of throwing in a bigger threat like Jordan or Devin. Tori says she’s looking to protect Devin: That’s it. So if they’re going to make a big move, make the biggest move (meaning she’d like to send in Jordan). When interrogated, Kenny volunteers himself so he can choose to go against Horacio, Horacio knows his place as a rookie, Devin dodges every question, and Jordan insists she still has Tori’s back.

A Veteran’s Word

At vote at The Zone, Faysal’s team is clueless. Some people were out of the loop, but everyone gets on the same page and votes for Horacio… except for Olivia, who votes for Kenny. Now, the three remaining players head to the dagger draw. Devin immediately pulls the safe dagger, and he keeps Jordan safe. So it’s Kenny vs. Horacio in Breaking Barriers.

Wall Brawl

At first glance, this elimination looks like a Hall Brawl, but it’s a hall full of walls. The goal is to smash through a series of walls and use various tools to annihilate the obstacle in the way. Despite wanting to go against Horacio, Kenny is stumbling through the course. But Horacio can do anything, including construction, and his experience in the field gives him the knowledge to speed through this game. Kenny falls behind when punching through drywall and using bolt cutters but catches up when he needs to unscrew a locked wall. Horacio fumbles, but redeems himself and wins, sending Kenny home.

But he’s not really gone. If Kaycee stays in the game, he has a chance to return to the game. Yippee?


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