Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 13

The top moments from episode 13 of Ride or Dies

Last week, we saw a shift in power and a shift in relationships.

The Blame Game

After his elimination win, Faysal has a lot to say. Instigated by Bananas, he confronts Moriah for her burn vote that essentially sent him in. She plays the rookie card, then, like clockwork, Jordan walks in. Faysal confronts Jordan for going back on his word, then Tori chimes in. She claims that Jordan has been getting his way all season, and she put her neck on the line to keep him safe. Jordan claims she’s using their personal relationship to further his game, and that’s not a friend he wants. The two argue, and they walk away with unresolved tension.

Calling the Shots

The Challenge is called Blind Faith, and it’s the pink team (Faysal’s) against the yellow team (Moriah’s). There are four events, and participants will volunteer to compete without knowing their exact task.

Task 1 is a “target” event, and it’s Jordan vs. Faysal. They need to shoot golf balls and break three of seven targets on a board far away. The catch? Miss a shot and you need to chug a disgusting drink. This is the hard part, and Faysal’s worst nightmare after the Double Agents final. After many failed attempts, Devin gives Jordan some guidance. This allows Jordan to finish far ahead of Faysal, and he clocks a much better time. In fact, Faysal sucks so badly that Devin has to help him too. He agrees to do this, because there’s a big lead and it’s a girls’ elimination and he wants to protect Tori.

A Piece of Success

Task 2 is a “puzzle,” and Aneesa and Olivia face Devin and Nany. The duos need to carry pieces across a field and assemble them so they all fit into their puzzle board. Aneesa and Olivia finish narrowly ahead of Devin and Nany, but this gives the yellow team some momentum.

Forgetting to Win

Task 3 is “memory” and endurance. The goal is to meet in the middle of a 300 foot course and relay information. Player one checks the board while player two recreates it on a separate board on the opposite end of the field. Amber and Horacio compete against Bananas and Tori, and Amber and Horacio finish faster. By this point, Tori estimates yellow team has a 45 minute lead.

Part of the Band

The final task is “bungee,” and Chauncey and Kaycee will complete against Jordan and Moriah. The game is akin to Banded Together from Battle of the Exes. Both players are attached to a bungee and the two players need to both reach a metal bar. Once all four hands are there, time is stopped. This proves to be hard without a clear strategy, and both teams need to reset multiple times. Eventually, Chauncey pushes through and gets to the end with Kaycee, clocking a good time. Moriah and Jordan then reconvene and try every strategy. Nothing works, and they squander their lead causing the yellow team to lose.

Pointing the Fingers

At deliberation, there are only three names on the board for the first time ever. Nany plays the “I respect your decision” card, but Moriah and Amber point the finger at each other. Amber claims Moriah hasn’t had to fight to stay in the game, and Moriah claims Amber is a bigger threat. But the bigger issue comes when Faysal questions Moriah. He claims she sent him into elimination, and he basically confirms he no longer has to have her back.

Rookie vs. Random

At The Zone, the winners cast their votes. Faysal goes first, and he starts by saying Nany’s name. This could be a burn vote, but Olivia follows him. Ultimately, it comes down to the majority, and Moriah gets the most votes. So, it’s Amber vs. Nany in the dagger draw. Only one will receive safety by pulling the safety dagger, and Amber goes first, and she gets emotional, but pulls the safe dagger. So, it’s Nany vs. Moriah in I Can See

Down to the Buzzer

The elimination attaches the players to harnesses with cords, and when they run toward the wall in the center of The Zone it reveals scrambled letters. The players must return to a second board at their starting point and unscramble the letters to make six words. Once all six words are successfully unscrambled, the person wins. Nany starts off by solving words quickly, while Moriah struggles. Then, Nany struggles on the words “devotion” and “companion,” and Moriah gets ahead. On the final word, it’s neck-and-neck. Both call for a check around the same time, but they need to push a buzzer. Moriah does this first, but she spelled devotion wrong. So, Nany gets the win.

But, so long as Faysal’s in the game, Moriah has a chance for redemption.


  1. Maybe it’s me, but each season seems more and more fake. Whereas in the past, story lines and narratives seemed to evolve more organically, everything seems pre-ordained now. Interactions aren’t spontaneous, conversations are staged, vets like Nany and Aneesa appear to have a ticket to make it far despite their lack of athleticism. It’s almost like everyone gets a script before each episode that tells them how to interact, how to support the storylines, and who will be going forward. I miss the old days!

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