Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 17

The top moments from episode 17 of Ride or Dies

TJ announced his 100-hour final. It will take 3 episodes. so what could we possibly be watching tonight?

Road Rules

Everyone’s celebrating that they’re making a final, especially Aneesa who hasn’t seen a main series final in 14 years. But the excitement was short-lived. TJ showed up and announced this final will be 100 hours — the longest one yet. So, the cast gets packed up and has to drive SUVs to the start line, and that’s the first hour. At this rate, how bad could it really be if the game consists of a road trip? Then, the competitors reach a point where vehicles are prohibited and have to hop out and carry their luggage to the starting area.

Getting In-tents

After the 4-hour trek to their first checkpoint, the Challengers see the first overnight portion. They need to bike 100 kilometers on a stationary bike (~66 miles) which will generate a code once completed. This code can be used to unlock camping supplies so the competitors can sleep. The faster your team finishes, the more time you’ll have to rest. Thanks to speed demon Horacio, he & Olivia finish first. But, the Alaskan girl comes in handy because she knows how to pitch a tent. Jordan & Aneesa come in second, followed by Bananas & Nany. Then, Devin & Tori are the final duo to complete this stage. However, Devin feels the only benefit to winning this stage is getting more sleep, and it might be more beneficial to conserve energy rather than go all-out on the bike.

Rolling On

TJ shows up for the second stage, and today’s events will be a race. In his words, teams want to come in first because there will be a distinctive advantage.” This is a more traditional final-style event where competitors run and get to checkpoints. Within moments, Aneesa rolls her ankle because Jordan insisted they cut corners and go off the trail. So, now they’re arguing and their opponents are getting ahead.

A Smoothie Start

The first checkpoint gives teams 10 bolas, and their goal is to loop them on rungs a ladder. Each time they successfully land 2, they’re able to sabotage another team by forcing them to drink a disgusting smoothie (which allegedly isn’t vegan).

Devin & Tori get there first, followed by Bananas & Nany. Teams struggle at first, but once they get a feel for weight and distance, they realize this checkpoint isn’t impossible. Then, Olivia’s skin gets caught in the carabiner during a throw and she suffers a nasty rip on her finger. A medic comes, and she refuses to quit. Eventually, Devin & Tori get all their bolas looped, but they need to chug all their fishy smoothies. Jordan & Aneesa take off second, despite the fact that they were the last to arrive, because no one was sabotaging them. Bananas & Nany leave third and the rookies depart last because they received so many smoothies.

The Fast and the Forgettable

Devin & Tori get to the second checkpoint, and it involves carrying tires across a field. There are 16 tires with the names of eliminated competitors on them. The goal is to run back and forth to stack the tires in the order that people were eliminated from the show. Each player can only carry one tire at a time, and it turns into a sprint. This is really hard for Aneesa because she doesn’t give a fuck about the rookies has an injured ankle. Tori & Devin are the first to finish and run away with their puzzle fully assembled for any other team to copy.

Target Practice

The third checkpoint requires teams to use a slingshot to hit 2 targets, unless they’ve been sabotaged by other teams, just like Jordan & Faysal during Blind Faith during episode 13. Devin excelled during that challenge, and his abilities translated perfectly to this checkpoint. So he quickly hits his target and the helps Tori, allowing the team to move on to their next run before the second team — Bananas and Nany — arrives. Banany struggles with this, but they eventually complete the task just as Haracio & Olivia arrive.

Balls of Fury

Horacio quickly hits his two targets (because his team has been sabotaged), but Olivia is having a hard time. She can’t aim well because her finger has been sliced open by the carabiner, and her shots are going all over the place. Somehow, the ball manages to launch backward and hits her nose. She’s gushing blood, and a medic takes her to the hospital because it’s likely broken. This leaves Horacio without a partner, and he’s eliminated from the game. Despite his compassion for Olivia, he’s seriously upset. After all the commotion, Jordan & Aneesa waddle over to the checkpoint… they’re that far behind.


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