Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 15

The top moments from episode 15 of Ride or Dies

Fessy & Moriah are back, but one team will be leaving for real.

Knot Gone Yet

Jordan & Aneesa and Kaycee & Kenny move to the second round of the elimination, and the loser goes home for real. They’re playing a classic game: Knot So Fast. When tangling the rope, Jordan and Aneesa opt for a strategy where they both control one end of the rope, because this makes the knot harder to untie. Meanwhile, Kaycee and Kenny do things in unison. When the duos switch ropes, it’s clear Kaycee & Kenny have a bigger mess. But, they work well together while Aneesa & Jordan are slow and Aneesa’s “cooch” keeps getting in the way. But, after the initial struggle, Jordan knows that he’s only a few moves away from unraveling the whole thing. Eventually, they get Aneesa’s cooch over the hump and they get all the rope out of the cage. Jordan & Aneesa win, and Kaycee & Kenny are gone for real.

A Torn Team Reunion

Faysal and Moriah are back together, but when they were on opposite teams, they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Despite this, the two know they need to work together. So, they agree to move past their beef and start fresh because they’re friends in real life… apparently.

Crazy Bus

The cast shows up for the Challenge, and TJ emerges from a bus. It’s called Runaway Ride and inside the bus is over 100 balls. One at a time, teams will enter the bus that’s navigating an obstacle course. They’ll need to look out the window and memorize an answer key that has marked balls on it. They’ll need to find the corresponding balls in the bus and recreate the pattern. Whichever team gets the most balls correct the fastest will win. Amber & Chauncey go first, and they quickly realize they’re on unstable ground. They eventually get sick and pull the lever to stop their time with only 7 out of 10 balls. Then, Olivia and Horacio go, and they move much quicker.

Still Trucking

As the competition continues, other teams start feeling carsick. Faysal & Moriah and Devin & Tori pull the lever with only 8 balls. Devin’s mad, but Tori was throwing up, so she needs the bus to stop. In the end, Olivia & Horacio, Jordan & Aneesa, and Bananas & Nany are the only teams to submit all 10 balls. In the end, Bananas & Nany take the win because Nany finished the puzzle in one lap. So, they have the power to save one team and send other directly into The Zone. The rest of the teams will draw daggers.

The Cost of Volunteering

At deliberation, the winning pair agrees to save Faysal & Moriah. Nany gives a long, convoluted reason why, but in reality, it’s because Faysal’s strong and Bananas has coupled off with Moriah. So, the other four teams are interrogated. Amber & Chauncey come dressed for business (literally), and they essentially nominate themselves. Devin thinks this is because Amber wants to extend an olive branch and look like she’s protecting her friends and Aneesa agrees with this, but regardless, this stacks the odds for Devin & Tori and Aneesa & Jordan. Now they have a 66% chance of pulling the safety dagger and they know they’ll keep each other safe.

Against the Odds

At The Zone, Amber & Chauncey get straight in — no surprise there. Then, they get to the dagger pull. Aneesa goes first, but it’s blank. Then, Horacio pulls the safety dagger. Now, for the real question: Who will the rookie team save? Devin & Tori get saved, because Jordan said Horatio’s name multiple times. This leaves Jordan & Aneesa to face Amber & Chauncey in Rumble Tumble.

Knock It Off

The game is called Rumble Tumble, and each pair has three large diamonds scattered throughout The Zone. Same sex opponents are tethered back-to-back, and they need to knock over their diamonds while their opponent is pulling to get theirs. Aneesa and Amber go first, and Amber struggles. Aneesa knocks over one of her diamonds first, but then she slows down. Amber is stalling her, but she plants herself and moves slowly. Eventually, she knocks down all three diamonds and wins the heat. Then, Jordan faces Chauncey. Before TJ blows the horn, Jordan notices Chauncey is ready to sprint, so he runs to the left. This knocks Chauncey off his feet and allows Jordan to pull Chauncey to one of his diamonds. Then, Jordan lets Chauncey knock over a diamond because that pulls him closer to one of his diamonds. Now, the game is 2-1. Chauncey gets his second diamonds, but Jordan is closer to his final diamond. Chauncey pulls him past it, but Jordan changes direction. It’s a game of muscle, and Jordan manages to make Chauncey lose his footing and he takes the win. Now, Amber & Chauncey are going home for real.

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  1. So Nany and Aneesa continue to advance. Seems like this whole season has been a set up to advance the storylines they think viewers want to see. Fakest season ever!

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