Challenge: All Stars

Real World & Road Rule Seasons That Haven’t Appeared on All Stars

These seasons haven't given any representation to All Stars, but we could see them in the future.

With the release of the All Stars 4 cast, we’re seeing a lot of representation on the franchise. Production has invited people from many eras of the the show to make appearances, but there are still some Real World and Road Rules seasons that have yet to be represented.

Keep in mind, All Stars 1 and 2 seem to place an emphasis on earlier seasons. So, if someone originated from a later Real World season, they’ve had fewer opportunities to appear.

Still, I’m including all Real World and Road Rules seasons, and I’ll name the one person who I think is most likely to make an appearance. This is just based on observations, so don’t assume that people will make their ways onto All Stars 5 just because I’ve listed them here.

Real World New York

The original Real World has been reunited for a Homecoming season, so we know production could contact any of them. But, only a few a have done Challenges in the past, and many of them are likely no longer interested in competing — we haven’t see someone compete on the show since Battle of the Sexes 2 in 2004.

Eric is the most likely, and he invited to do All Stars 2, but could not compete because he was not vaccinated.

Real World San Francisco

Very few people from this season have done Challenges, and the ones who appeared on the show only did one season. Puck has legal issues, so he’s unlikely to appear, and Rachel seems to be more focused on politics and her family, so she would be very unlikely to come onto the show. Jo was the last person to appear on a Challenge (The Gauntlet 2 in 2005), and I think she’d be the most likely to return. She’s worked on her mental health since then, according to her appearance on the Mike Lewis Podcast, and seems to be willing to appear on some type of show if the right people are there.

Real World London

This season has been absent from the Real World and Challenge world for the longest period of time. We haven’t seen anyone since Mike and Sharon did Battle of the Seasons in 2000, but there is one moment involving a London cast member that’s etched into Challenge history. Kat allegedly set a world record bungee jump on Challenge 2000, and I’d guess she’s our best chance at seeing a Londoner appear. Unlike others, she has a pulse on social media and doesn’t shy away from talking about the show. Still, I’d be shocked to ever see anyone from this season again.

Real World Seattle

This cast was probably the first one born into the Challenge era, and six roommates appeared on at least one season, with the most recent appearance being David on The Gauntlet 2 in 2005. Nathan did an interview on the Mike Lewis Podcast, and he seems open to the possibility of doing another show, so he’s our most likely contender. He’s revealed that his season was contacted about a Homecoming season, but some people wouldn’t be willing. He didn’t name anyone, but he’s not the hold-out.

Real World New Orleans

It’s a bit shocking that this season has yet to appear on All Stars, because all seven of them have done Challenges and they all reunited for a Homecoming season. Of course, filming Homecoming overlapped with filming for All Stars 2, cutting down on their opportunities, but there is willingness from the cast. Both Jamie and Julie did The Gauntlet 2 in 2005, and apparently, Julie was close to being on the first season. Production may have hesitations about casting her, but if invited, she’s very likely to say yes. In actuality, I think our three-time champ Jamie is the most likely contender to show up.

Real World Back to New York

Despite the fact that this season played a huge role in establishing The Challenge, none of them have competed on All Stars. Mike is a bonafide celebrity, so he won’t be able to take time off to return. There’s also Coral — who people have been begging to see for years, but hasn’t done a Challenge since The Gauntlet 3 in 2007. If she wants to do the show, she’ll get the chance, but I have little hope after years of trying to get her to change her mind. I think Lori might be the most likely. She’s in good shape and has potential to do well like she did on Battle of the Sexes.

Real World Hollywood

It’s shocking that this season had such little representation on The Challenge because it was a popular Real World season. But, only three Challenge seasons have Hollywood competitors included, and most of them have moved on. Every now and then we see Brianna pop up, and it seems like she might be willing to make a comeback. But, I think there’s more people hoping to see Brittni or Kimberly return, and I think production would be more likely to actually invite them. Kim seems like she’s done with the show, but Brittni might be willing if the time is right.

Real World Brooklyn

Of the five Brooklyn roommates who have done a Challenge, it’s obvious that Sarah had the biggest impact. She did nine seasons, had lots of drama, won twice, and is involved with one of the show’s biggest scandals. In all honesty, she’s the most likely to return, even though it might be tricky with her schedule. Conversely, Devyn could appear because she’s involved with The Challenge through its Aftershows and podcasts. But, Devyn is pretty adamant on not competing again.

Real World DC

This is a bit of a forgotten season, because only two competitors ever did The Challenge. Ty appeared four times, and Emily only three, but Emily is the more likely to make a comeback. More recently, she did Champs vs. Pros in 2017, and she’s in great shape. Production likely wants her back.

Real World San Diego (2011)

This season gave us four rookie winners on Battle of the Seasons (2012), and this made them a force on The Challenge. Frank only did three seasons, but he’s technically never been eliminated. Zach did nine seasons and made four finals, but recently had a baby with Jenna. There’s also Ashley K., who has only done two formal season, but pops up when you least expect her. All of them are contenders, but I think Zach is more likely to do the flagship show. So, I actually think Ashley is most likely to surprise us on All Stars. She had a baby somewhat recently, so the shorter time commitment might work better for her.

Real World St. Thomas

Six people from this season have Challenge appearances, but two of them are more recent than others. Marie last appeared on Final Reckoning in 2018 and LaToya did Dirty Thirty in 2017. I’d put my money on Marie being the first to come on All Stars, but I wouldn’t be too shocked if Robb or Trey made comebacks as well.

Real World Bad Blood

When The Real World ended, it crashed and burned. Theo and Anika made appearances on Invasion in 2017, and they’re the only two who ever transitioned to The Challenge. Either one could make a comeback, but Theo seems more likely. He’s eager to give it another go, and if Jay can do All Stars 4, Theo might be in the running on a future season.

Real World Atlanta

Forget about it — not happening.

Road Rules Second Adventure

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone from this season do a Challenge, though Timmy’s time on the show lasted for a while. He filmed The Inferno 3 in 2006, but he sustained injuries that still burden him. Production would likely want Emily on the show because she was a cutthroat player with a lot of potential for drama. Still, I think Timmy would be more likely to come back because Emily has renounced the show. Timmy had a good time, and would be willing to give it a go so he could reunite with old friends.

Road Rules Europe

We haven’t seen anyone from this season do The Challenge since Antoine appeared on Battle of the Sexes in 2003, and sadly, Michelle died in 2001. So, we only have a few people eligible to make a return. Belou seems open to the opportunity, so if anyone come back, it’d likely be her.

Road Rules Islands

Out of all the prior seasons, I think this is the one that’s least likely to have a cast member appear on All Stars. Kalle did the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge in 1998, and Jake did Battle of the Sexes in 2003. I guess Jake is the more likely of the two, because he’s a fairly public person and he found success in business and journalism roles, but those are also reasons not to do another TV show.

Road Rules Latin America

Only three people from this Road Rules season segued onto The Challenge, and only one did multiple seasons. Holly last appeared on — and won — The Inferno in 2004, and it wouldn’t be too shocking to see her come onto All Stars.

Road Rules Viewers Revenge

I know Veronica (and now Adam) have done All Stars, but we’re just looking at people who debuted on Viewers Revenge. Four of them made their away onto Challenge seasons, though Tori probably went on to be the biggest name on the show. Recently, she got remarried and had a daughter. She might not want to take time away from her family for another TV show, especially because he ex-husband Brad is very active in the franchise. So, I think Dan is the most likely person to return. He’s still good friends with Abe, he’s a veteran, and he’s very public with his comedy. If given the opportunity, he’d likely see benefits in returning.

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