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Swaggy C ‘Exposed’ After Making Homophobic Comments

Swaggy C and Bayleigh find themselves in Maury-style drama.

Well, it looks like another Total Madness contestant is in hot water. Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams saw a picture of two women with a baby claiming they “don’t need a man,” and he asked how they could have a baby if they didn’t need a man.

Then, she got a response from Danielle Lickey, a contestant who appeared on Big Brother: Over the Top and has a girlfriend. The homophobic nature of the tweet angered her, so she felt this was a good time to expose Swaggy.

Essentially, she claims that he posts about having a lot of money, but it’s all fake. When he needed to pay for an Airbnb, he bailed. Now, he lives in Puerto Rico with Bayleigh because he couldn’t afford a house in the US. She also claims he also only posts receipts of pending money going into his account — never money that’s deposited — because it’s not real income.

Then, she claims that Bayleigh was sold a lie and looks stupid because she’s stuck with Swaggy. She also implied that Swaggy isn’t the father of Bayleigh’s baby.

But, Swaggy responded.

He refuted all claims by Danielle and posted screenshots of deposits into his account. And these aren’t trivial amounts, they were over half a million.

He also posted pictures of pregnancy tests, to prove he’s the father of Bayleigh’s baby and has been with her through the whole process.

Then, he apologized for the homophobic tweet. Corey Lay called him out on that, and and he claims he didn’t realize his comment would be perceived as homophobic. Corey seemingly accepted the apology.

There’s also a wild rumor that Swaggy and Bayleigh are swingers, and Angela and Tyler were part of the action. Danielle did not start this rumor, she just followed the drama, but Swaggy also denied this.

So, it seems Swaggy is trying to squash beef. We’ll see if Danielle says anything else, but her accusations echo a lot of the skepticism we see online. Many fans have wondered if Swaggy’s affluent lifestyle just put on for show, but he seems to have evidence to the contrary. If it is an act, he’s not going down without a fight and plenty of screenshots building a narrative of wealth.


  1. How is that comment homophobic? Technically you do need a man and a woman to have a child, you just don’t need both to raise a child. People be reaching.

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