Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 16

The top moments from episode 16 of Ride or Dies

Five teams remain. Is the final near?

Seven-Time Secret

With so few teams remaining, players are scrambling for power and strategies. Most of the men — Jordan, Devin, and Faysal — have recognized that Bananas hasn’t seen an elimination yet. So, Devin is trying to concoct a plan that sends Bananas and Nany into The Zone. But Tori sees a different picture. She feels that Faysal and Moriah is the strongest team, and they don’t really talk to other teams.

Hard, Cold Puzzles

The cast gets to the challenge and it’s called Frozen Senseless. Teams start in an ice bath in the middle of a field. One player hops out, has to dig a hole under a fence, and runs to the left side. That person feels three puzzle pieces in a dark box. The other player will run to the right side and view the pieces. This player will try to recreate the puzzle with the information provided by their partner. The catch? Info can only be relayed while submerged in the ice bath. All of the men assume the role of memorizing the pieces, and the women assume the role of recreating the puzzle. Devin claims he’s really detail-oriented while Jordan brags that he has the mental capacity to memorize five shapes. But, the struggle comes while communication. There are multiple pieces that are similar and they all need to be oriented correctly. A lot of challengers struggle with words like “triangle” and “plus sign,” but Devin actually knows what he’s talking about. So, he wins with Tori.

Seeing Red

Bananas gets one phone call, and he talks to Wes. He confesses he took Wes’s advice and squashed his beef with Devin, but now he’s confused by Devin’s strategy. Wes admits that Devin’s probably playing both sides, but let’s be real, this call was just for camera time.

The Big Move

Devin & Tori finally have power, and they need to decide if they want to take a big shot. Unlike last week, no one is safe, so they’re all questioned. The rookies come down and claim they shouldn’t be the direct vote because they saved Devin & Tori last week. Then, Aneesa & Jordan are told they’re going to the draw, no questions asked. Faysal & Moriah come down, and they feel like they’re fated to go directly into The Zone, but Faysal points the target at seven-times champ Bananas. Finally, Bananas & Nany show up. Bananas talks to Devin and claims they’ve built a strong friendship this season and he squashed all of their past beef. He hopes this means something, but Devin’s mind isn’t made up.

Trust Treaties

The cast goes to the club, and Olivia approaches Aneesa. She wants to have a mutual understanding. If one girl pulls the safety dagger, the other will be saved. But Fessy is trying to save his own ass, and he talks to Devin. He appeals to Devin by targeting the seven-time champ. Devin knows he’d be an idiot to let someone with so many titles skate to the end, but it’s a team Challenge. If Tori won’t send in Nany & Bananas, he can’t ruin their partnership to make it happen.

Getting Her Way

At The Zone, Tori gets her way. They send Faysal & Moriah directly into The Zone, but daggers still need to be pulled. Bananas goes first and pulls a blank dagger. Then, Horacio pulls the safe dagger and it appears Aneesa’s work has been paying off. He keeps Aneesa & Jordan safe, so Bananas & Nany are facing Faysal & Moriah in Bridge It.

Climbing to Victory

The elimination places two towers in the middle of The Zone with rope ladders leading to the top. But, all of the rungs are missing. Players need to take three rungs and balance them on pegs on the ropes to get to the top. So, they need to relay the bottom rung to the top so they can progress. But the ropes are shakey, and Faysal quickly falls. He might be the first to stumble, but he’s not the last. All competitors struggle, even self-described gymnast Nany. The slightest move can wiggle the ropes and all of your progress is gone. After many resets, Bananas makes it to the top. Nany is one move away from the top, but she drops her rung. So, she has to start over. She moves slowly and methodically, but she eventually gets to the final rung and Bananas & Nany hit their buzzers. They win, sending home Faysal & Moriah — Faysal’s first elimination loss ever.

Then, TJ announces it’s time for the final.

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