Challenge: World Championship

So, What Happened to Nathan on The Challenge: World Championship?

What's the real story behind this Brit's departure?

If you’re getting caught up on The Challenge: World Championship, you probably caught a few clips of Nathan. He did quite well in the qualifier, finishing in third for the men, but he was quickly booted from the show for “medical” reasons.

So, what really happened?

OK, it’s not really that scandalous. It was COVID (allegedly, according to Vevmo).

So, there’s no huge scandal surrounding this departure. This is just how the game will work for the foreseeable future. If you get COVID, you’ll most likely need to leave.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… what about Kaycee and Kenny on Ride or Dies? Didn’t they have COVID and then return? Yes, but there was also a week-long quarantine after this. This gave them time to test negative, but it’s also an expensive endeavor. If the show is going to churn out new seasons like they’ve been doing, they can’t keep adding extra weeks to production time.

According to Nathan, he was “gutted” over this, because he was there to win. And he was certainly politicking and performing pretty well. Though he left early, he doesn’t hold any anger. If given the chance, he’d like to return, and it could happen — just not on UK television.

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