Challenge: World Championship

Are the Legends Stopping Big Moves From Happening?

Sometimes, the show turns nothing into something.

This week, on The Challenge: World Championship, we heard some people toy with the idea of throwing Jordan & Kaz into elimination. Namely, USA competitors Danny and Sarah had the idea while the Aussies also discussed it.

Ultimately, nothing happened. A few people did say Jordan’s name (like Jodi, who said it to intimidate Tori), but it clearly wasn’t enough to get Jordan thrown into The Arena.

Later, we see Bananas and Danny talking, and Bananas explains that it was too early to make a big move; this could make the game harder than it needs to be. But, Danny’s not really buying it. It sounds like Team USA is an alliance that’s only looking out for the legends and ignoring the Challenge: USA competitors.

But, there’s one huge factor that was completely overlooked in this episode. Remember episode 1, when Kiki was nominated for elimination against Kaz? That whole decision was made because Zara would never vote Kaz into elimination.

So, why would this week be any different? There are so many options left in the game, and there’s no reason for Zara to turn on Kaz.

Likely, this was a big factor in not voting in Jordan & Kaz — at least, if the “legends” are worthy of their titles, they should have considered it. So, people probably didn’t want to risk pissing of Jordan when he’d inevitably return to the game without even competing in an elimination.

Really, I think this episode served to foreshadow a big move in the future. I am guessing the Challenge: USA competitors will want to make a big move, or one team will be split after winning a challenge. The legends are going to try to keep their numbers safe in the same predictable fashion they follow on the main series. Hopefully, something fractures the peace in the future, because we’re bound to have a boring season otherwise.

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