Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge World Championship: MVPs + LVPs from Episodes 1 & 2

Which players have a good chance at dominating this Championship? And who's in the worst position?

We have another season, and this time, we’re looking at the Champs and the Legends. So, we’ll be rounding up the top players in the game as well as the ones who have a much grimmer fate.

This is not a full summary. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.


5. Sarah: Even though Sarah gave a poor performance at the qualifier, she somehow managed to swing Emily to vote Kiki into The Arena. She’s building an alliance, and apparently, she wants to see what would happen if the winners reach a stalemate, and she’s certainly displayed control over the game.

4. Zara: Zara got pretty lucky this episode when she became the sole vote at The Arena, but she can’t only thank her lucky stars. She won the qualifier and got first pick of partners, and of course she went with Wes.

3. Kiki: Though she was blindsided at nominations, Kiki gave an impressive performance during Pole Wrestle, incorporating splits into her strategy. One of the Aussie girls is looking really strong this season, and it’s not the Olympian.

2. Grant: Grant came into this competition strong, securing the win at the qualifier and winning the Chain Game challenger. He’s looking strong, and he’s certainly setting his allies up for success, even if it means stabbing some Aussies in the back.

1. Jonna: Coming onto this show, Jonna has never been in a better position. She won her past two All Stars seasons, was the first girl picked and won the first challenge. If she was ever worried about first impressions in the past, we’d never know, because she’s looking fierce in this game.


5. Jodi, while it’s hard to call Jodi won of the worst, she’s in a really crappy position. She got stuck with a partner from team Argentina and she’s being targeted because of it. So, she’ll have to politic to save herself, and in the past, that hasn’t been her strongest suit.

4. Kellyanne: This legend quickly proved why she’s not a champ. She was the last female legend picked, narrowly avoided last place in Chain Game, then talked strategy to get rid of the CBS USA pairs in front of Tori, who’s paired with Danny. Now, she’s potentially going into the Arena and her fate lies in Jonna’s hands.

3. Tristan: While Kellyanne may be paranoid, Tristan is really lucky… and still not performing well. He lost the qualifier for the men, but avoided The Arena because Nate was medically DQed. Now, he’s paired with Kellyanne and could get sent into The Arena. He better start politicking, because Kellyanne isn’t going to help much.

2. Nelson: Poor Nelly T. He’s hungry for a win, but he’s off to a very rough start this season. He was the last legend picked, meaning he’s with Jujuy and the doomed Argentinian team. Then, he lost Chain Game, proving that he may really be the worst at puzzles. Now, he’s fated to The Arena.

1. Claudia: While she’s certainly a sweet woman, Claudia finished last in the qualifier and lost Pole Wrestle. She didn’t give us an impressive performance, but she lost with grace and gave Kiki recognition for her strength.

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