Challenge: Vendettas The Challenge

This Is One of The Challenge’s Worst Eliminations, and Nobody Talks About It

Brad's return to The Challenge came to an abrupt end because production couldn't assemble an elimination correctly.

The Challenge has seen its share of janky eliminations. While some people have lost because of poor equipment — think Beth and CT on The Duel — others have won due to poorly assembled games. So, for April Fools’ Day, rather than make another dumb joke, I wanted to go down memory lane and look at a cruel twist of fate that people never really talk about.

In the earlier years of The Challenge, Brad was known as one of those competitors who always got close to a victory but never snatched the crown. That was until he won Cutthroat, then he took a 7-year hiatus.

He was also known for being the runner-up on both Duel seasons. The first time, he defeated CT in the final elimination by shaking the beam in Push Me, causing CT to rip the flag and lose on a technicality. On The Duel 2, he defeated Landon by swinging his hook in Back Off, buying him enough time to clip his carabiner before Landon could stabilize his.

Clearly, he knew how to manipulate equipment — then, the equipment manipulated him.

On Vendettas, the Challenge gods finally got their revenge. For the third time in his career, Brad was in the last elimination of a season. This time, he was facing Leroy in Head Banger and all of the equipment failed him.

The elimination had three steps: First, punch through a drywall. The entire fixture holding Brad’s wall toppled over. Second, ram through a gated wall. This fixture didn’t topple over, but because his first wall fell, he couldn’t stand on the ground and was essentially on a ramp. Finally, slam two round gloves until a ball is released. Apparently, they had internal handles for grips, and Brad’s just broke off.

Due to all of these failures, and blatant oversights by production, Brad lost. We can’t be sure here, but if Brad managed to complete the course before Leroy, my gut is telling me production would have DQed him because he didn’t actually break through the first wall.

Do I think this is rigged? Not really. I don’t think production gave Brad faulty equipment intentionally. This error probably also happened because the cast had already moved to the Czech Republic, and once the location change happens, the crew abandons most of their equipment. So, their games aren’t going to be as sturdy and the show may not have the materials to reset them.

But I do think they would have stopped the game if a more “valuable” competitor was involved (though we probably wouldn’t have really seen it on TV). We know they’ll do it for Bananas, but I guess they were cool with Leroy just going to the final. To be honest, I think Brad would have had an OK shot at winning, but that’s an outcome we’ll never know for sure.

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