Champs vs. Stars 3 (Spin Off 4): Cast Spoilers


In cast you didn’t catch it at the end. This was an April Fool’s joke. Obviously Adele is too big for The Challenge. Sorry if I disappointed you, but I’ll leave the post up so we can remember what could have been.

MTV has done a good job keeping this one under wraps, but due to the success of War of the Worlds, they are going to have another Champs vs. Stars season. It is believed Episodes 1 & 2 will follow the airing of the last two episodes of War of the Worlds.



Abe Boise (Winner: The Inferno, The Inferno 2)

Alton Williams (Winner: The Gauntlet 2)

Dunbar Merrill (Winner: Cutthroat)

Kefla Hare (Winner: The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge)

Paulie Calafiore (Finalist: Final Reckoning)

Alexis Eddy (Winner: Are You the One? 6) Allegedly intimidated production until they cast her

Amanda Garcia (Winner: Are You the One? 3)

Emily Reese (semi-semi-semi-semi-semi Finalist: Battle of the Bloodlines)

Jamie Chung (Winner: The Inferno 2)

Jenna Thompson (Winner: Go Big or Go Home) Allegedly, production went through two weeks of casting thinking they were communicating with Compono. When the filming date came closer the executive order was “whatever, this one will do.”


Andy Dick (Actor, Comedian, Host)

Glenn Garcia (Big Brother Contestant)

Jake Paul (YouTube Star)

Soulja Boy (Rap/Internet Star)

Tor’i Brooks (Model, Ex on the Beach star)

Adele (Grammy Award Winning Singer)

Black Chyna (Model and Philanthropist)

Hilary Clinton (Former First Lady, Presidential Candidate, Secretary of State)

Miranda Cosgrove (Actress, Singer, Drake Bell’s sister)

Sophia Abraham (Former Teen Mom star)


The teams remain Champs vs. Stars. The Stars are dominating.

Farrah is there to chaperone Sophia and the rest of the cast.

Only two eliminations so far.

Paulie was eliminated first by Glenn. It was a physical elimination and it wasn’t close.

Tor’i and Adele hooked up the first night have have been inseparable ever since.

Black Chyna and Hillary are in a power alliance and have control of their team. It is believed Emily is working with them as well.

Alexis beat Miranda in the second elimination. It was a pie eating contest.

Dunbar is the big diva this season (like T.O. or Hennessy) and has a bunch of demands.






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