Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge World Championship: MVPs + LVPs from Episode 8

Which players have a good chance at dominating this Championship? And who's in the worst position on episode 8?

We’re past the halfway mark, and the cast he been struck by the plague. This week, I won’t included Ben or Amber because they couldn’t control their departures.

This is not a full summary. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.


5. Troy: Coming into this game as a winner, Troy floated under the radar and found a great match in Amber. Now that she’s gone, he’s with Kaycee, who’s undeniably strong. But, this is a whole new dynamic and it puts a target on his back. Despite this, he pulled out a victory in Spin Me Around, so he might be on a good path.

4. Kiki: Out of the blue, Kiki pulled out some unexpected answers during Ripcord Roulette. She’s proven that she has a really robust skillset, and there’s no doubt this helped her win The Challenge: Australia. Perhaps it will lead her to victory this time around?

3. Kaycee: Talk about lucky. Kaycee was going to be sent home when Ben was medically disqualified, but Amber kindly dismissed herself from the game to let Kaycee stay. While she became a target with Troy for being new, she did pull out a win in Spin Me Around by keeping her composure and remaining calm.

2. KellyAnne: Somehow, KellyAnne pulled out a win during Ripcord Roulette. It looked like her partner was going home at the beginning of the episode, but she got all the power by the end of it — mostly thanks to Tristan. While her alliance is crumbling, she’s still doing much better than she did at the beginning of the season.

1. Tristan: He almost went home because he felt sick, but Tristan proved he’s a smart player. He dominated the trivia challenge and won for his team. Hopefully he starts feeling better before he encounters a competition where physical strength is needed.


5. Darrell: This season, Darrell got lucky when he got Kiki as a partner because she’s a great competitor, but there’s also some bad luck. We saw Emily target the pair because she’s bitter about Kiki’s victory on The Challenge: Australia, and Darrell may be a casualty of this feud.

4. Danny: There’s a power dynamic on Danny & Tori’s team, and it looks like Danny has taken more control. Still, this is resulting in uncomfortable stalemates and this week it almost got the duo sent to The Arena. If they don’t get on the same page, their fates will likely be much worse in the future.

3. Jodi: Despite being one of the stronger girls, having the wrong partner can cost you. Jodi had a constant target on her back because she was attached to an Argentinian player, and bad luck during Ripcord Roulette sent her straight into The Arena. It’s sad that she went out this week, but she did outlast every other Argentinian pair.

2. Tori: Team USA is crumbling, but that doesn’t mean Danny will be any less stubborn. Tori’s alliances this season mean nothing to her partner, and she ended up burning votes on herself this episode, and it almost sent her into The Arena.

1. Benja: This season has been a struggle for Team Argentina, and Benja did better than his other cast members. However, he was always an outsider, and this meant he got targeted during Ripcord Roulette, getting sent straight to The Arena. Then, the elimination relied heavily on communication. When English isn’t your first language, that can be hard and may have cost him the game.

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