Challenge: World Championship

Is Tori Wrong For Siding With Kaycee Over Her Partner?

Tori got a lot of backlash for disagreeing with Danny, but is she really wrong?

Team USA is a mess on The Challenge: World Championship, and Tori is getting the brunt of the backlash. Each week, the tension gets thicker, and this week the dynamic shifted when Kaycee became a member of Team Australia thanks to Ben and Amber’s departures.

Last week, Tori had OK numbers on the team: herself, Bananas, Kaycee, and Ben and Justine (on a good day). Now, four of those people are gone and the numbers have moved in favor of Sarah and Danny, and Tori’s cards are on the table. She wanted to protect Kaycee because that’s her friend, and she can no longer claim it’s a “Team USA” thing.

Apparently, the conversation we saw on the episode wasn’t even half of the discussion. Tori insisted she had to protect Kaycee because Kaycee gave her $50,000 after winning Spies, Lies and Allies.

Now, her intentions are out in the open. It hasn’t been about “Team USA” at all. It’s been about protecting her friends and allies.

But here’s the thing, this group does have seasons where they successfully worked together. Were these seasons boring? Yes, but Tori’s alliance with Kaycee and friends is a huge reason she saw back-to-back finals. So, it’s not ridiculous that she’d want to keep Kaycee around.

That’s not to say Danny shouldn’t be frustrated. His alliance with Sarah is also out in the open, and he really only has one person he’s protecting. Tori seems to have multiple people she’s made promises to, and their order of significance isn’t clear. From Danny’s perspective, Jordan was her #1 ally. Now, all of a sudden, voting for Kaycee is off the table, even when there’s an easy excuse.

Tori’s mistake isn’t wanting to work with Kaycee, it’s prioritizing outside alliances over her partner. At the end of the day, she needs Danny to win. If she takes Kaycee to the final, Kaycee will actively prevent her from winning.

In Danny’s eyes, that’s a bad thing. In Tori’s eyes, that could be another $50,000 consolation prize.

Both of them are stubborn, and they really isn’t any compromise here. The duo could simply assign one vote to Tori and one to Danny, but they’re not going to do that. Instead, they’ll burn votes until it becomes their undoing.

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