Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge World Championship: MVPs + LVPs from Episode 11

Which players have a good chance at dominating this Championship? And who's in the worst position on episode 11?

We’re down to the final five teams, and four of them are here to compete.

This is not a full summary. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.


5. Troy: After losing Downfall, it’s clear Troy and Kaycee don’t have the best odds going into the final. But, he finally got the chance to pick his opponent and he took Emily & Yes into Hall Brawl. This secured his spot in the final, and he took his rival Emily out in the process.

4. Theo: After laying low this season, Theo finally got a win. It might not be the most deserving victory, but it took him straight to the final. He’s been itching to run another one since placing second in War of the Worlds, and Sarah’s not a bad partner.

3. Danny: Despite some worries, Sarah would have pulled through for Danny. He was the clear-cut winner of The Challenge: USA, so the fact that he made a final without going into The Arena again proves he’s a great Challenge player. Now, all he has to do is duplicate his success from The Challenge: USA, but with Tori by his side.

2. Kaz: Going into the final with Jordan is a good position, and Kaz’s relationship with Theo kept her safe this week. She’s had a rocky road this season, but it’s hard to imagine a better scenario than her current one.

1. Jordan: It’s quite obvious Jordan would have won Downfall if he didn’t throw it. While he’s made some shady moves, they saved him and his closest allies this week. Love him or hate him, he used this to make it to the final, and that’s pretty impressive.


5. Sarah: Winning Downfall should have been a triumph, but it put her in a position to decide between allies. But, she didn’t have to make that choice due to the stalemate. It forced her to show her cards and gave her a scare right before the final.

4. Tori: After winning Ride or Dies, Tori should be in a great spot. And, she’s in the final with Danny. But, she hasn’t been too confident this season. It’s challenged her relationships, and she has yet to win a daily Challenge. So, something will need to change if she wants to take home the victory when it matters most.

3. Kaycee: Despite winning Hall Brawl, Kaycee has had a rough go this season. She never won a daily challenge, and she lost the first heat in Hall Brawl. Kaycee will need to become a lot better at math and puzzles overnight if she wants to win this final with Troy.

2. Yes: This season was pretty successful for Yes, but his downfall really resulted from politics — the one thing he tried to avoid in the past. He put in a good effort during Hall Brawl, but he ultimately lost to Troy. For the first time ever, he went home directly before the final, but he did promise he’d be back.

1. Emily: While she played a strong game all season, all of Emily’s shortcomings culminated this episode. She was only in elimination because of her poor politics which forced a stalemate. Then, she got sent into The Arena because Troy was given power as a result of the tied vote. Emily did win one heat against Kaycee, but in the end, she was sent packing.

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