Challenge: All Stars 4 Ex on the Beach

Are Laurel & Nicole Back Together?

Nicole Z. seems to be getting close to Laurel once again.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 is still looming in the distance, but we’re starting to get some Easter eggs. Most specifically, Nicole Z. posted an Instagram story that implies that she’s been seeing Laurel.

In the story, we can clearly see Nicole and there’s a woman dressed similarly behind her. We don’t know for certain who this is, but my best guess would be Laurel. Regardless of the mystery woman’s identity, there’s one strong piece of evidence. Nicole is wearing a necklace that reads “Laurel.” It’s not immediately clear, because the camera reversed it, but the necklace says Laurel’s name in gold.

If you’ve seen The Challenge, you’ll know that Nicole and Laurel got together during Invasion. Shortly before Vendettas, the two broke up — but the saga didn’t end there. The exes appeared on “Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love” in 2019. During that show, there was immediate chemistry, but when Laurel heard Nicole (who was single) had pursued someone else, she got upset. Then, Nicole rallied to get Laurel voted off the show.

Since then, Laurel went on to become a Doctor of Veterinary Science and appear on Ride or Dies. During that season she had brief flings with Faysal and Horacio, but nothing that resulted in a serious relationship. Nicole went on to injure her shoulder on Double Agents and become a volunteer firefighter. She also dated Ashley C., but they eventually broke up. Then, she got engaged to her girlfriend Lauren in March 2022.

At this point in time, Lauren has basically been scrubbed from Nicole’s social media. And Lauren isn’t following Nicole, so it’s fairly safe to say they broke up. But, the exact timeline is unclear. Nicole could have gone to All Stars 4 single, which would make this story less scandalous.

However, all the evidence points to the two being together, and we’re very likely to see the story unfold on All Stars 4. But, regardless of what we see on the screen, it’s quite clear Nicole and Laurel are at least communicating… and most likely it’s more than talking.

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