Injuries That Killed Challengers Chances at Victory

This week marked an injuryfest on The Challenge, when we saw two teams get sent home due to injured teammates. While this is a bummer for Leroy & Candice and Tony & Shane, it’s not the first time ailments have sent competitors packing. Let’s check out the injuries that cast teams the game: Coral (The Gauntlet) In the early days of The Challenge, people generally … Continue reading Injuries That Killed Challengers Chances at Victory

Six of the Best Friendships Formed on The Challenge

Every so often, enemies will become friends on The Challenge. Though we seldom see two individuals who come together as Challenge and real-life friends, it has been observed on a few occasions on The Challenge. These are some of the people who have united to become friends on and off screen: Bananas & Leroy Despite Leroy being much newer to The Challenge scene than Bananas, … Continue reading Six of the Best Friendships Formed on The Challenge

Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

Some Challengers bow out of the competition gracefully. Their last Challenge features a strong showing, usually with success and sometimes with a win. People like Susie, The Miz, Brad, Jillian, and Evelyn serve as prime examples of Challengers who went out gracefully. On the other hand we have some Challengers who left on a really, really bad note. These are the people who were once … Continue reading Challengers Whose Careers Ended on a Bad Note

New Season, New Aftershow

When a new season of The Challenge premiers , there’s no guarantee that there will be an Aftershow. Sometime we get no Aftershow, sometimes it’s after every episode, sometimes it’s only online, sometimes it’s hosted by Mark Long, sometimes it’s hosted by The Miz… the possibilities go on and on. This season the Aftershow is recapping episodes 1-3. And the hosts are…. Evan Starkman and … Continue reading New Season, New Aftershow

Ten Funniest Challengers

The challenges are driven by competition and drama. That’s not to say that there’s no humor involved. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest challenges to compete on the show: 10. Evan (Fresh Meat 1) Evan and his buddies Johnny and Kenny are always up to come antics in the house. Whether it’s pulling pranks or talking about the competition, they always give … Continue reading Ten Funniest Challengers

The Tonya Cooley Scandal

Uh-oh! Well, this isn’t exactly news. It surfaced in late October/ early November. Tonya is suing Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP; the production company of The Real World & The Challenges) for alleged rape. According to Tonya, everything happened during The Ruins when other cast members, namely Kenny and Evan, would call her derogatory names and at one point they took a picture of her without her … Continue reading The Tonya Cooley Scandal