Life After The Challenge: Should Celebrities Like Theo Von Ignore their Past?

The Challenge has given us a number of successful people. Not just on the show, but some people have gone on to become bonafide celebrities. While some people fully embrace their past on the show, others have left their MTV experience in the rare view. Why do people do this? Mostly because it can hurt their chances of getting auditions and casting opportunities. One of … Continue reading Life After The Challenge: Should Celebrities Like Theo Von Ignore their Past?

Game Changers: The Gauntlet

When looking at turning points for The Challenge, I believe all three Gauntlet seasons marked changes in the series. The first Gauntlet was an interesting season that formed The Challenge into the show it is today. Today, I want to look at this season and discover why it has such an important role in transforming The Challenge. Filmed in 2003, The Gauntlet takes place during … Continue reading Game Changers: The Gauntlet

Challenge Hook-Ups that Impacted the Game

The Challenge is no stranger to hooking up, and this season we’ve seen a lot of it. While some hook ups are just for fun, others cause ripples that impact the course of the game. Throughout the history of The Challenge, we’ve seen a number of no-so-secret hook ups ruining someone’s game. For this list, I am not including established couples, even if they began … Continue reading Challenge Hook-Ups that Impacted the Game

10 Teams Who Underwhelmed

This week, we saw Jamie and Kellyanne earn last place in the¬†Road to Nowhere¬†challenge. This poor performance was not an outlier, as these two have been doing poorly for the bulk of this season. Perhaps their Jungle win will turn thing around, but right not they are not meeting expectations. They’re not the only team to underwhelm. Here’s a list of teams, in no order, … Continue reading 10 Teams Who Underwhelmed

Real Worlders With Bigger Reality Resumes

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people trying to get on reality shows. Some people have no luck, while lightening will strike more than once for some. In fact, some people from The Real World and Road Rules have been fortunate enough to appear on more than on reality show. Let’s check out the fortunate few who have had multiple reality opportunities. … Continue reading Real Worlders With Bigger Reality Resumes

When Legends Lose

“If I can take out two of the strongest competitors that means I am one of the strongest competitors.” Those words were uttered on Wednesday’s episode prior to her victory with Robb in The Arena against Alton and Nany. While Marie may not be one of the best competitors (yet), defeating Alton was pretty remarkable. Let’s check out some of the challenge legends and the … Continue reading When Legends Lose

Ten Funniest Challengers

The challenges are driven by competition and drama. That’s not to say that there’s no humor involved. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest challenges to compete on the show: 10. Evan (Fresh Meat 1) Evan and his buddies Johnny and Kenny are always up to come antics in the house. Whether it’s pulling pranks or talking about the competition, they always give … Continue reading Ten Funniest Challengers