Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 4 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 4 of All Stars 3 make sense.

A new face is in the game. These are the old school moments that will help jog your memory so episode 4 makes sense; you can head to Paramount+ to stream full episode.

1. Roomie Redo

On a day off, Nia is shooting Jordan flirty eyes. She references the weird sexual energy the two have had for years, stemming from a weird night on Real World Portland and likely influencing their inappropriate moment on Exes 2.

2. Undoing a Duo

Kailah talks about taking out Kellyanne or Kendal because they’re a strong duo, and nobody wants a strong duo in the game. But she won’t say it out loud because she’s buddied up with Sylvia. She probably learned this the hard way, after Jemmye targeted her and Jenna on Dirty Thirty due to their friendship.

3. Life or Beth

With Tina and Jemmye leaving last week, we get a replacement. Wave hello to Beth, but the reaction is a mixed bag. Kendal is happy to see her, but MJ and Veronica are cringing. MJ references The Gauntlet 2, when most of the cast hated her. Of course, Veronica has bad blood with her from Inferno 2 when they got into a fight after Tina won her Inferno.

Fun fact, Beth was going to be on the original cast, but wouldn’t appear with Tina unless there was an apology. Clearly, that never happened.

4. The Low Lives

Darrell and Beth decided not to compete in the High Stakes mission because they’re scared of heights. The competition is a race between three people to solve a math problem. The losers drop and are bungeed down a building. While Darrell has always been scared of heights, Theo jokingly called him a “low life” during the Inferno mission on The Gauntlet, he had done similar competitions in the past. He even bungeed during the Bungee Bound mission on The Inferno. Meanwhile, Beth’s fear of heights has presented itself during her time on The Challenge. On the first Real World/ Road Rules Challenge she refused to participate in the Bungee Jump mission, causing a feud between herself and Montana.

5. A 10 Year Romance

After a decade of waiting, Jordan and Nia actually hook up. This time, it’s love, not the dumb shenanigans we saw on Real World Portland.

6. Brad Blood

Throughout the episode, Brad shows he’s aligned with Wes this season, stating that they’re very close. This is a relationship we haven’t seen much on the show, as the two only did two seasons together: The Duel and The Ruins. They weren’t aligned on The Duel, but Brad has made an effort to build a relationship with Nehemiah this season, and that’s Wes’s biggest ally.

7. Rollout

The elimination is called Steamrolled, and Beth is facing Kendal. In a surprising upset, Kendal loses and Beth comes back, but that’s not the main event. Jordan faces Darrell: one champion has three wins, the other has four. Weight is a huge factor, and Darrell is close to winning. Yet Jordan manages to stall, and eventually, Darrell’s legs give out. Jordan wins, giving him a chance to win another season.

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