Real World

Real World v. Jersey Shore

Here’s a topic that I’ve heard a little bit about. In fact, MTV’s remote control blog made a post about it.

Could a Real World v. The Jersey Shore challenge work?

Now, my initial thought was this could never happen. I’m sure people for The Real World would compete. If BMP could get 20 people to compete on The Island I’m sure getting people for this challenge would be a breeze. However, I doubt that the overlap would be approved. 495 Productions is in charge of the Jersey Shore while Bunim/Muarray Productions is in charge of The Real World. I doubt the two could agree on which company got to produce this show.

Truthfully, I don’t think I’d be crazy about the show, but the competition could be interesting. The J.Shore guys are definitely buff, and the girls are slutty enough. The only problem they’d have is not being able to physically fight with the cast of The Real World. But the teams would have to be small, and I doubt that we’d be able to vote offs like we’re accustomed to in the current Challenges. But hey, there was a time when there were no vote offs on the challenges after all.

The biggest pro that I can think of is that the Jersey Shore name will bring in viewers. The Real World can use any help it can get in renewing interest, and this might work.

So I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It would be fun to see 2 of MTV’s biggest shows go head-to-head.


    1. To be fair the amount in qsteuion was for the FIRST season of Jersey Shore. While I’m not a fan of the show, I look back at the first season and see that it probably helped provide a boost to tourism more than a few cheesy billboards. As far the show itself, I can not STAND it and I wish you guys would stop giving attention to these spray-tanned, self-important, egotistical, no talent NEW YORKERS!

      1. hi there as a fellow fan just wneatd to ask u ive been following jason on his suppose faceboof officail site ive asked if it the real jason and he replyed yes jjust confirming its def him ..if u know xxplease as hes got such a lot of follwers on there and id hate it to be a fake here the link many thanks xxx

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