13 Unlucky Challenge Injuries

Every now and again there is an unfortunate moment on the challenge where a challenger does something to him or her self that results in that person getting hurt. For some people, this was the end of their challenge. For others, they were able to trudge through the injury and make it to the end of the challenge.

13. Katelynn Can’t Climb- On Fresh Meat 2, Katelynn had a hard time getting up a slanted climbing wall in the “King of the Wall” mission. When she let go, she slid down the wall and hit a bunch of the steps with her knee causing her knee cap to become dislocated. While this wasn’t enough to get her kicked off the show, her partner’s drinking before the Exile was.

12. Shauvon Goes Pop– Well, not really. During the “Swing On By” challenge on The Ruins, Shauvon let go of the rope and fell into the water chest-first. Upon making contact with the water she thought she popped an implant. Fortunately, it was just some bruising. Good thing her boobs are OK, she spent a lot of money on those.

11. Melinda Isn’t Headstong– On The Gauntlet 3, the “Push It” challenge required the contestants to move planks of wood to create a road. Melinda accidentally placed her head in the way of the wood resulting in a concussed blonde. With her then-fiance at her side, Melinda was able to make a full recovery.

10. Dustin Doesn’t Watch His Step- This past week on Battle of the Exes we watched Dustin and Heather get sent home after Dustin sliced his knee open. Ironically, the challenger did not get the injury during the challenge. He just tripped going up the stairs.

9. Derrick Doesn’t Like Concrete- On The Inferno 2, after a night of drinking, Derrick and Landon decided to wrestle on the street. Turns out Derrick was no match for Landon or the street. During the match Derrick scratched his ear pretty badly and had to get stitches. He got his revenge on Landon later on that night by taking a razor to Landon’s head and giving him a nice bald spot.

8. Colin Can’t Stand The Challenge- During Battle of the Sexes Colin tripped over a large foam Lincoln Log during the “Tree House” challenge and rolled his ankle. He spent the rest of the season in a brace, but it didn’t stop him from making it to the final challenge and taking home $50,000 and a car.

7. Tonya Can’t Get Dirty– It’s funny how different Tonya’s reputation was on her first challenges. She used to be best known for her injuries, like the one she got during the “Mud Ball” challenge on The Gauntlet. Much like Dustin, she sliced her knee open, but she was ordered to wear a “terminator style” knee brace. While she wasn’t sent home because of the injury, her team wasted no time voting her into the Gauntlet where she was ultimately sent home.

6. Coral & Evan, Beat By Themselves- On the first Fresh Meat Coral & Evan made the brown team. While they dominated the challenges, Evan sustained a sport’s hernia and Coral’s knee popped out of place. These two injuries were enough for the power team to get sent home.

5. The Buzz Around Abe- On The Island cast members received little food. So when the guys found a tree with delicious fruit at the top Abe wasted no time collecting some. The fruit was highly coveted, but not by the other cast members. A swarm of bees surround Abe and stung him.

4. Chet’s No Match for Water– Chet wasn’t the only person to take a bad fall during Cutthroat’s “Surf’s Up” challenge, but he was the only one to get sent to the hospital because he hit his head pretty hard when he landed in the water. This gave TJ the opportunity to tell the cast that the people at the challenges take injuries seriously, and Chet was sent packing.

3. Timmy Smashes Himself– On The Inferno 3 Timmy competed against Abe in the “Smash House” Inferno where they had to smash panes of glass. Although it wasn’t really shown on TV, Timmy cut his knees pretty badly and had a hard time walking after he was sent home. Thus proving that it is a bad idea to roll around in glass.

2. Brad Shouldn’t Fight- We all knew something was wrong when good guy Brad got into a fight on the Ruins with Darrell. Brad’s head got knocked into a bed post and he hurt his eye. It took 3 days for him to open his eye again and he learned a very important lesson… don’t mess with a boxer.

1. The Spider Bite Seen ‘Round the World- On the first Gauntlet Coral had to convince her team to let her go to the final mission. Turned out to be a mistake. It wasn’t the challenge that kicked Coral’s was the spider that bit her while she was taking a pee in the bushed before the challenge.


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