People That Need to Come Back

Every now and again there’s someone that appears on the challenge that brings something new or different. Then, the person goes and way and doesn’t come back. Let’s take a look at some cast members that haven’t been on a challenge in a while the should make their return.

Trishelle (last seen on The Inferno)

Trishelle was known for two things on the challenge: dating the Miz and hating Coral. For those reasons, she was a star on the two challenges she competed on. Of course, when you’re on Coral’s bad side you’re bound to get voted out early.

Arissa (last competed on Battle of the Sexes 2, last seen on Real World Reunited)

On Battle of the Sexes 2, Arissa managed to squeek by and make it to the final challenge. I thought we’d never see her again after that challenge, but she did return for the Real World Las Vegas reunited season. Perhaps there is a bone in her body that’s itching to be back on TV?

Adam (last competed on The Gauntlet 2, last seen on Road Rules Viewer’s revenge)

Adam went home first on The Gauntlet 2, yet he won the first season of The Gauntlet. He returned for Viewer’s Revenge in 2007, but he hasn’t competed on a challenge in a long time. I think he need to show up again to redeem himself from his loss on The Gauntlet 2.

Aviv (last seen on Fresh Meat)

Aviv is a champion that has only been on one show. While she did do well on Fresh Meat, she was Darrell’s partner so she was bound to win. I think it would be great if she tried to do a challenge without a partner.

Tina (last competed on The Duel, last seen on Cutthroat)

Tina was a force to be reckoned with on the challenges she competed in, and earned the title of Heavy Hitter after punching Beth in the face. However, she hasn’t been back since, and I’d love to see the feisty Road Ruler again.

Svetlana (last seen on The Duel)

Last time we saw Svetty, she was trying to win $150,000 on The Duel. She proved that she can fight for herself and is no pushover. If she came back I think she has a great shot at winning.

Frank (last seen on The Gauntlet 3)

Frank won The Gauntlet 3, and assumed the title of team captain. Though he team may have won the final on a technicality, it was definitely a fight for Frank. He’s a lot stronger than he looks and isn’t someone that should be underestimated.

Coral (last seen on The Gauntlet 3)

Coral is pure entertainment. She’s not afraid to be the loudest voice on her team, and her no bullshit attitude always results in some conflict. She quit the Gauntlet 3 after her teammates were playing a dirty game, but she seems willing to return.

Brittini (last see on The Duel 2)

Much like Svetlana, Brittini made it to the final challenge on her season of The Duel. She came close to winning, and had to fight her way to the end. She’s an underdog that can prove herself.

Veronica (last seen on The Ruins)

Veronica is the original challenge whore, and did 6 straight challenges before anyone else could. She prides herself on being a “mean girl” and she always results in a good show. She shouldn’t be underestimated, and she already has 3 wins under her belt.

Kellyanne & Cohutta (last seen on The Ruins)

On The Ruins Kellyanne and Cohutta were two rookies that were ready for the fight. Kellyanne made it to the final alongside Sarah, and while Cohutta was eventually eliminated her did take out Wes. Both were great feats for people with so little experience.

Mike (last seen on Rivals)

Mike made it all the way to the final challenge on Rivals with his partner Leroy. While the final proved to be too much for Mike, he did shine in other areas of the challenge and could continue to be successful on future challenges.


  1. I really wish Veronica and Coral would come back and show these new “mean girls” what mean really is.

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