Longest Strings of Challenges

For some people, the Challenges are something that they want to try once just to get it out of their system. For others, the challenges are a lifestyle and they are easy to get addicted to. Here are some of the people that have been bit by the challenge bug and done the most consecutive challenges.


Derrick (Battle of the Sexes 2- The Inferno 3)

It took Derrick six tries to finally win a challenge, but he finally won The Inferno 3. Winning wasn’t enough for him. He has since come back for three more challenges and won two of those. Even though it took a while, I guess he really has become great at these things.

Veronica (Battle of the Seasons- The Inferno 2)

Veronica was the first person to accumulate any long streak of consecutive challenges, but I guess I can’t blame her. Her nemesis Emily voted her off prematurely from the first two in the streak and then she won the next two challenges she appeared in.


Sarah (The Ruins- Battle of the Exes)

If there’s anyone that is going to match or beat the six challenge record it’s Sarah. She has done all five challenge she was eligible for a shows no signs of stopping. What keeps her coming back? She has yet to win!

Kenny (Fresh Meat- The Island)

Kenny has made it to the end of ever challenge he has been on aside from one, so it’s no surprise that he keeps coming back. The Duel was the only challenge that he did not make it to the end of, and it was also the second challenge he competed in.

Paula (The Duel- The Duel 2, Streak of 4: Fresh Meat 2- Battle of the Exes)

Paula has appeared on nine of the ten challenges she has been eligible to compete in. Although she won last season, she’s still coming back. As she was leaving this week’s episode of Battle of the Exes she made a shocking confession: she’s a challenge addict!


Johnny (The Duel- The Island)

Johnny got off to a rocky start. He went home first on The Duel. His streak ended with The Island, which was the first challenge he won. Johnny’s come a long was since The Duel and has won three challenges thus far.

Abe (The Gauntlet- The Inferno 2)

After getting expelled from Road Rules, Abe made up for lost time by appeared in the first four challenges he could. He won the second challenge he appeared on, and has always been a fierce competitor.

Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2- Battle of the Exes)

Much like her Ex Abe, Cara Maria competed in the first four challenges she could. She hasn’t won yet, so who knows when she’ll stop?

Mandi (Fresh Meat 2- Battle of the Exes)

Looks like Cara Maria isn’t the only addict from the Fresh Meat 2 cast. Mandi is on her fourth straight challenge.

Mike “The Miz” (The Gauntlet- The Inferno 2)

The first guy to hit five challenges. The Miz has always been a strong competitor. He won the first challenge he competed in (Battle of the Seasons) as well as his last (The Inferno 2). With a successful wrestling career it seems like he’s done with challenges. I guess we’ll have to tune in somewhere other than MTV to hear Mike tell us he’s AWESOME!

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