Battle of the Exes Reunion- FILMED

I’m a little behind on this one, but this past week (Tuesday I believe?) the Battle of the Exes reunion show was filmed in NYC. I can’t say for sure who will be in attendance, but it does look like we have the host figured out:

That’s right! Mike the Miz is pictured above with Aneesa, who I’m assuming will be attending the show.

It looks like Camila and Ty will be there as well because they were in NYC earlier this week…

Emily Tweeted this picture @ Mark and Johnny around the time they would have been in NYC together. Perhaps they’re in attendance?

In fact, Johnny did Tweet about the nice weather in NYC. Perhaps that confirms him being there?

Also, a group of “exes” went to the Hunger Games premier this week, around the same time as the reunion. Perhaps they were all together because they were at the reunion?

About is Diem, Sarah, and Mark.

We’ll have to tune into the reunion to see who is actually there!

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