Game Changers: The Gauntlet

When looking at turning points for The Challenge, I believe all three Gauntlet seasons marked changes in the series. The first Gauntlet was an interesting season that formed The Challenge into the show it is today. Today, I want to look at this season and discover why it has such an important role in transforming The Challenge. Filmed in 2003, The Gauntlet takes place during … Continue reading Game Changers: The Gauntlet

Champs vs. Stars 2 Cast

!!WARNING!! This post will contain spoilers for finalists on Vendettas. If you don’t want to know, don’t read. Here we go again! The third “Champs” vs. Pros/Stars/YouTubers/Congressmen/WhateverMTVwants is filming! Below are the confirmed cast thus far. Shout out to Vevmo for their hard work. “CHAMPS” Aneesa Ferreira (finalist- The Gauntlet 2, The Duel 2) Ashley Mitchell (Champion- Invasion of The Champions) CT Tamburello (Champion- Rivals … Continue reading Champs vs. Stars 2 Cast

The Challenge Invasion: Winners from the Reunion

This week, we saw the Challenge: Invasion Reunion air. Like most reunions, we only saw things we already knew about. So rather than recap a recap show, I’m going to declare winners from the main beefs we saw on the show. Here’s our host, Mike “The Miz” Mizanian: Match #1: Cara Maria vs. Laurel & Nicole Nicole shows up late to the reunion, but Laurel … Continue reading The Challenge Invasion: Winners from the Reunion

Entertainment Weekly Reveals Challenge News & Top Moments

Entertainment Weekly recently posted this article to commemorate the series as it embarks on its 25th season with Free Agents. The article discussed 25 of the greats Challenge moments and included commentary from Challenge alum such as: Beth, Darrell, The Miz, Rachel Robinson, Mark Long, Kenny, Johnny Bananas, Sarah, Landon, Susie, Cara Marie, Diem, Abram, Veronica, Frank, Paula, and of course CT. Commentary was also … Continue reading Entertainment Weekly Reveals Challenge News & Top Moments

Real Worlders With Bigger Reality Resumes

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people trying to get on reality shows. Some people have no luck, while lightening will strike more than once for some. In fact, some people from The Real World and Road Rules have been fortunate enough to appear on more than on reality show. Let’s check out the fortunate few who have had multiple reality opportunities. … Continue reading Real Worlders With Bigger Reality Resumes

Worst Early Season Performances

Usually, people come onto a challenge with the intent kicking major ass. Then, they get to the challenges and suck. They get last place or disqualify. They get into elimination rounds early on and fail to redeem themselves. Some people are lucky enough to survive past the first challenge, but others don’t make it to the second episode. Let’s check out people who arrived to … Continue reading Worst Early Season Performances