Did The Real World Kill MTV?

With everyone generation of shows, viewers are claiming the newest shows are not only harmful to the youth, but even worse: the show killed MTV. Right now people say “The Jersey Shore killed MTV” or “Teen Mom killed MTV.” Six years ago it was Laguna Beach that was killing MTV, and before that it was The Osbournes. I can’t remember a time when MTV didn’t have similar shows on it, but the old school fans like to reminisce about the days of constant music videos.

So was about The Real World? After all, it was the pioneer- the grandfather of reality TV. Now The Real World comes on on Wednesdays at 10, but when it first debuted it came on Thursday night when the music videos stopped. MTV has come a long way since that time, but did it travel down the right path?

Of course, I’m slightly biased. I have a blog dedicated to these shows. But I do not hold them responsible for the decline of MTV as a music channel. In fact, I think MTV kind of self-destructed.

Think of this: If MTV stilled played constant videos today could it compete with Youtube? Would people want to watch a playlist of videos when they could go online and watch what music videos they wanted when they wanted and commercial free.

I say that MTV self-destructed because it began to steer the audience into a get-what-you-want attitude. Think of shows like TRL or The Gong. Viewers got to vote for the videos that they wanted or hit the gong when they wanted to end the videos. So, once the option was available, it’s not surprising that people would rather go online and what exactly what they want. In fact, if there was enough demand to watch just music videos MTV would still be that way. TV is run off of ratings, and clearly the ratings for TV shows were higher than those for music videos.

Now MTV is all reality shows (with some scripted shows sprinkled in). As time progresses they are moving further way from music. In early 2010 the network took the “Music Television” out of their logo.

But that is just my opinion. What do you guys think? Vote in my poll!

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  1. Wat happened to mtv. where did the music go. Bring the music back. Theres no music but it still stands for music television. Get rid of the reality shows and bring back music 24/7

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