Battle of the Exes

Who Did I Want in the Final?

Only three couples can make it to a final. In a perfect world, who would I want to see take home some money?

1/3 of my dreams came true! CT & Diem made it. CT has come a long way since The Duel 2 and has changed significantly since we first saw him. He’s a much better person, and a worthy recipient of the prize money. As for Diem, at last she’d donate some money to a very worthy cause.

Back in the earlier challenge days, Mark & Robin were the original CT & Diem. Mark stopped a bus mid-route because of this relationship. Beth’s clothes got thrown into the pool because of this relationship. The fact that they are able to work so well together is a testament to their personalities. Mark is a great competitor, and Robin is a mother. I just think that if they got money they’d deserve it.

For some reason, I just love this couple. Abe may be slightly…unusual, but he seems to love Cara Maria. If nothing else, he is invested in her, and even if he does treat her poorly, it’s done out of passion. Plus, no one from Fresh Meat 2 has won a challenge (aside from Carley, but a newbie HAD to win). If they won, I’d be so excited. Such a shame that they couldn’t make it to the final.

I’m also happy to see Emily & Ty in the final. They earned their spot. I also would have been really happy to see Paula & Dunbar or Leroy & Naomi make it to the end.


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