Ten Funniest Challengers

The challenges are driven by competition and drama. That’s not to say that there’s no humor involved. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest challenges to compete on the show:

10. Evan (Fresh Meat 1)

Evan and his buddies Johnny and Kenny are always up to come antics in the house. Whether it’s pulling pranks or talking about the competition, they always give a dose of funny.

9. Theo (Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour)

Theo is now a real life stand up comedian. But don’t forget that he got his start on the challenges. He even won a few. As he said on the Gauntlet finale, “this challenge is mine. M-Y-N-E.”

8. Casey (Fresh Meat)

Little Casey won a little bit on money on Fresh Meat, and got a boob job that she proudly brags about. She never tries to be funny, but she always finds herself delivering a laughable performance on a challenge or saying something wrong.

7. Johnny Bananas (Real World Key West)

Johnny has made a name for himself, and that name includes the word Bananas. Though his frat boy antics and unfiltered mouth sometimes gets him into trouble, he does have his funny moments. On a typical challenge he can be seen with his date: a blow up doll.

6. Jasmine (Real World Cancun)

Jasmine’s typical fight is filled with funny one liners. She’s known to be tiny and fiesty, so when things get too heated someone can just pick her up and carry her away. I mean, the girl was involved in a fight because Jonna was incorrectly called Jasmine. You can’t take her too seriously.

5.Dan (Real World Miami)

When he was voted off of Battle of the Sexes (the first time), Dan reminded his team that the girls had chocolate cake. He returned for the Inferno 2 ripe with one-liners. When he was slated to compete against The Miz in an Inferno, he said that he could beat The Miz in a Madonna singing contest. I assume the offer still stands.

4. Katie (Road Rules The Quest)

Katie has confessed to two things. Before she was ever on Road Rules she asked for Theo’s autograph, and she really likes the word motherfucker. She’s known for saying stupid things while drinking or fighting, and also for smoking a cigarette while on the treadmill.

3.Kenny (Fresh Meat)

Kenny is full of funny commentary about the challenges. If you say Wes’s name, you’re guaranteed a funny response. His scheming and pranking sometimes gets him into trouble, but at the end of the day he somehow manages to save his ass.

2. Coral (Real World Back to New York)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Coral, it’s that one boob alone can kick ass. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, and she’s known to make come of the best comments on the show. Who else would mention Evelyn’s potential penis to her face?

1. Timmy (Road Rules Second Adventure)

Timmy’s light-heartedness made the challenges fun. He was a natural leader, and always had something funny to say. Once on The Gauntlet 2, while reading the text message clue, he shocked the rest of the cast by saying that they needed to bring their ice skates to tomorrow’s challenge. He was joking of course, but Robin seemed to believe him.

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