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Real World Couples We Cared About

Ever now and then we encounter some couples on The Real World that we can’t help but fall in love with. Before the St. Thomas season premiers, let’s take a look at some of the couples we hoped would last.

Eric and Julie (New York)

Everyone from the first season of The Real World was from New York… except southern bell Julie. The possibility that she’d fall in love the Eric Nies, the house’s model, seemed like a perfect match. Their romance was just a fling, but we all wanted to see it happen.

Colin and Amaya (Hawaii)

Colin barely made it into the Real World house, but we’re glad he did. Him and Amaya has a fling throughout the season, which make sense now. They were the only two in the house that weren’t crazed or obsessed with darkness.

Trishelle and Steven (Las Vegas)

Steven & Trishelle were the all-American couple that could have been. Their romance didn’t extend past The Real World, but their pregnancy scare was one for the record books.

Brad and Cameran (San Diego)

Brad had a girlfriend at home, but that didn’t stop him from spending time with Cameran. Although they seemed perfect for each other in San Diego, I guess that this failed relationship allowed Brad to fall for Tori (Road Rules 14), who he is now married to.

Landon and Shavonda (Philadelphia)

Landon and Shavonda didn’t last too long, Shavonda will forever remember Landon as her “first.” They were all over each other on The Real World, but barely acknowledged each other on The Inferno 2.

Danny and Melinda

If there was ever a couple that stood a chance, it was these two. Their love lasted long after their season was over. They even got married…but then they got divorced in 2010.

Wes and Johanna (Austin)

Wes and Johanna were a couple that no one expected to work, and their roommate in Austin were surprised that they fell for each other. They relationship lasted a while, but once Johanna hooked up with Kenny things were definitely over.

Cohutta and Kellyanne (Sydney)

Cohutta was a southern gentleman, and Kellyanne was a Texan that loved to spit. They spent their season together, but things ended shortly after. They two have appeared on two challenges together and have a lot of respect for each other. But they’re no longer together, and Kellyanne moved on to redder and badder things…

Jemmye and Knight (New Orleans 2)

I’ll admit, I didn’t think these two were capable of relationships when they entered the Real World house, but they were attracted to each other. One thing lead to another, and Knight accepted Jemmye. They became fan favorites, but they’re no longer together. Wonder if we’ll ever see them on TV together again?

Dustin and Heather (Las Vegas 2)

Finding out your boyfriend starred in gay porn is a bummer (no pun intended), but Heather got over it. She spent most of her time in Vegas in an on-again-off-again relationship, while Dustin tried to win her over again. Even though these Exes were on Battle of the Exes, they’re not really exes. They’re still together!


  1. Landon and Shavonda were definitely my favorite couple. They were both gorgeous, sweet and open minded. I’ll never be a fan of same color couples. Wish Landon and Shavonda would have stayed together. I long to see more beautiful interracial couples consisting of handsome White guys and gorgeous Black/Mulatto girls!!!! Swirling rules!!! 🙂

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