The Red World

Do gingers have souls? We’re going to find out this season on The Real World because we have 2 red heads on the cast: Robb and Laura. Let’s take a look back at some of The Real World’s other red heads and determine if they had souls.

Montana (Boston)

Montana is known for a couple of things: getting fired, being called a whore, and fighting with Beth. She lost her job during her Boston season when she let one of the kids she was supervising drink wine. She cheated on her boyfriend during the season, and then her boyfriend called her up and repeatedly called her a whore over the phone. She fought with Beth on the very first challenge, and the feud continued on The Gauntlet 2, 8 years later.

Verdict: No Soul

Lindsay (Seattle)

Lindsay was lovable on her Real World season. She learned to value life after one of her close friends committed suicide. On Battle of the Seasons she managed to stay level headed when dealing with her irritating partner Stephen.

Verdict: Soul

Frankie (San Diego 1)

I feel a little bad letting Frankie get involved in this mix, but she DID have red hair throughout most of her season. Frankie was very open about all of the struggles in her life, including her battle with cystic fibrosis. She was a free-spirit that loved to change the color of her hair.

Verdict: Soul

Sarah (Philadelphia)

Sarah had a lot of ups and downs during her Real World season. She fought with her mom a lot over the phone. One time over buying really expensive jeans, another because her mom told her she needed to lose weight. She is also known for trying to convert a gay man by having sex with him, as well as numerous fights with her roommates. However, she was very supportive of Willie and had a lot of fun with her roomies.

Verdict: Some Soul

Wes (Austin)

One the Real World, Wes was best known for collecting girl’s numbers and having a groupie drawer. Whenever he wanted a hook up, he’d reach into the drawer and call a girl up. On the challenges, he’s known for arguing with Kenny, and forming failing alliances. He’s not afraid to throw missions when need be, and he’s even stabbed his best friend (and former roommate) Danny in the back.

Verdict: No soul

Brianna (Hollywood)

According to Darrell, Bri’s got some hood in her. She’s best known for her semi-hit single Summertime and for lashing out at roommate Kimberley when Kim told her not to get “ghetto.” Otherwise Bri was a nice girl, and supportive of her roommate Joey that was dealing with drug issues throughout the season.

Verdict: Soul

Now we have two more red heads coming into our lives. Hopefully they have some soul!


One thought on “The Red World

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