Wait…Is That Real?

We’ve seen our share of odd body modifications on the Real World. While piercings, tattoos, hair-coloring, and implants are typical, there are some people that went a bit overboard. This season we’ll be seeing some unique looks () so let’s take a look at some of the craziest fashion statement’s we’ve seen.

Teck’s Hair

Teck was a pretty cool and funny guy on The Real World Hawaii. His Sisqo-inspired hair kind of ruined things. At least it’s only hair, and it will go away once it’s cut. Fortunately for us all, he no longer sports the bleach blonde do.

Landon’s Finger

Well, this one wasn’t done deliberately. When Landon was young his finger got slammed in a door. After that, he had to live life without the tip of his right index finger. It certainly hasn’t slowed him down or kept him from winning a challenge.

Shauvon’s Boobs

Implants are nice. But Shauvon kind of went overboard. When you live life in fear of injuring your boob job, I think it’s time to tone it down.

Katelynn’s Boobs and Vagina

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Katelynn’s choice, but it is the biggest transition a Real Worlder has ever made. Katelynn was born a man, but she said goodbye to her penis and hello to boobs and vag.

Jonna’s Piercings

Jonna has some interesting piercings. She had a “promise piercing” inserted into her finger, but later broke up with her boyfriends. Oops! She also has her shoulders and back pierced. It’s no wonder she wasn’t on Fresh Meat 2. She couldn’t make it through he metal detector.

Jemmye’s Tattoo

Sorry folks! Couldn’t get a real image of her tat. Jemmye’s prized possession is her vagina tattoo. Many people don’t understand why she got the tat, but she makes sure it sees daylight.

Let’s tune into The Real World on Wednesday to see what other oddities we find!


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