Will Zach and Frank be Friends?

Frank has been known to get into a fight or 2. In fact, his relationship with Zach was far from perfect during the San Diego season, and even during the reunion they seem unable to reach common grounds.

If the San Diego team wants to finish together, Zach & Frank will have to be friends. From the looks of the previews, Frank will be getting in some fights this season. At the end of the day, his relationship with his teammates is what really matters.

Based on this video Frank and Zach seem to be embracing each other, and Speedos. In fact, the two attended the VMAs together last week and snapped photos as they got ready.

Perhaps they can work together? Is this the start of a new friendship?

3 thoughts on “Will Zach and Frank be Friends?

  1. PPLz are so dumb I think zach secretly in to guyz cuz when frank was dating micheal he was getting all jealous He said n I quote “there making out like watever IDC” Juss the way he did that Im convience he is that reminded me of what my girl did before we started dating n she seen me kiss some chick Idc what anyone say Zach likes dude especially how hes so Into the color pink he has his hair long like a girl Plus him and Frank kiss twice so Im convinced they probably hook up on the low Zach prolly in the closet

  2. You make a very good point Idc samewayz love em both.
    I think that Zach and Frank would make a good couple.ZAch the type of dude that can straight frank out n hopefully make him a lot let hoe-ish .Like come on atleast if frank has zach who else would he need like damn zach fine . Hopefully Zach n Frank date but who know will see just happy they friends you know wat friendships lead to sometimes.#ZachNFrank=(L)

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