Seven Challenge Patterns

Every now and then we encounter some recurring trends on The Challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the obvious, and less obvious, trends that have emerged over the many challenge seasons.

Derrick Sees the Last Elimination

OK, this doesn’t happen every time Derrick is on a challenge, but it does happen a lot. He will get all the way to the challenge before the final and then get voted into the final elimination round. Usually, this is bad news for him, but he has pulled out one victory.

  • The Gauntlet 2- Derrick lost to Timmy in the final elimination
  • Fresh Meat- Derrick and Diem lose to Darrell and Aviv in the final Exile
  • Inferno 3- Derrick beats Davis in the last Inferno
  • Cutthroat- Derrick loses to Tyler in the last Gulag

Paula vs. Aneesa

Let’s face it, these two are cursed. Every time Paula and Aneesa appear on the same challenge they face each other in an elimination round.

  • The Duel- Aneesa beats Paula in the first female Duel
  • Inferno 3- Paula beats Aneesa in the last Inferno
  • Duel 2- Aneesa defeats Paula in a Duel
  • Rivals- Paula and Evelyn beat Aneesa and Robin in the first female Jungle
  • Battle of the Exes- Paula and Dunbar beat Aneesa and Rachel in The Dome.

$10,000 Inferno

Plan on making it to the final challenge in the Inferno and losing? Well your cut of the final team bank will be $10,000. Every losing team on The Inferno was able to split the team bank equally so each person had $10,000.

  • Inferno 1- Real World had 4 players and $40,000 in the bank=$10,000 per player
  • Inferno 2- Bad Asses had 7 players and $70,000 in the bank=$10,000 per player
  • Inferno 3- Good Guys had 6 players and $60,000 in the bank= $10,000 per player

Mark “Retires”

Just because he isn’t on every challenge, doesn’t make him retired. Not does that fact that he says he’s retiring make him retired. On The Gauntlet 2 Mark announced for the first time that he was retiring, but then came back 4 years later for The Duel 2 when he said he was going to retire (again). Then, he came out of retirement to appear on Battle of the Exes…and he announced his third retirement. No one can take him seriously any more.

Camila Freaks Out

It doesn’t take much to set Camila off. If she’s going on a challenge, you know she’s going to freak out. Even on her original season, The Spring Break Challenge, she found a reason to freak out.

  • Spring Break Challenge- She eats a spicy, though perfectly edible , pepper…FREAK OUT
  • Cutthroat- Confesses that she anonymously voted for Brad and the team is unhappy…FREAK OUT
  • Rivals- Accidentally calls Jasmine “Jonna”…many people FREAK OUT
  • Battle of the Exes- Johnny won’t pay her any attention while she’s on drugs…FREAK OUT
  • Battle of the Seasons- Eric quits on her…FREAK OUT
  • Let’s face it, she always finds a reason.

Brad “Eliminates” a Big Dog

Darrell, Landon, and CT. They are arguably the best male competitors, and they have also all gone home at the hands of Brad. However, none of those are really legitimate wins on Brad’s behalf. Rather, his opponents left on technicalities.

  • CT- Disqualifies against Brad in the final male Duel for “ripping” flag
  • Landon- Brad swings his ring in the final male Duel, a move that no one else has pulled
  • Darrell- Provoked to fight Brad on The Ruins

Tori Wants to Quit…She Doesn’t

Tori is known for two things, doing well on these shows and threatening to quit. Even though Brad never wants her to, she always says she’s going to, but then she doesn’t.

  • Gauntlet 3- Mad at team for shady game play, says she wants to quit but beats Melinda in The Gauntlet
  • Duel 2- Fights with Brad, says she wants to quit, tries hard in Duel against Aneesa
  • Cutthroat- Thinks she’d suck in a final, wins Gulag against Theresa (well, Tina), wins challenge

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