Battle of the Seasons

5 Moments in Episode 8

When I saw the preview for this week’s episode I thought I was watching Fear Factor. Any show that has an eating challenge immediately reminds me of that show. Luckily, Battle of the Seasons is much better than Fear Factor.

5. The Real World/ Road Rules Charity

Jonna confessed that when she broke up with her boyfriend he ruined all of her possessions, made her sell her car, and now she’s a little bit homeless. She claims that she needs the money more than anyone else on the show. Later on in the episode, she used this as an excuse to avoid The Arena.

4. Balls to the Mouth

In this week’s challenge, Team San Diego and Cancun were the bottom two teams. They had to eat cow balls and intestines to avoid The Arena. Zach noticed that balls hold semen and intestines carry shit, two things that he does not want in his mouth. Jonna had no problem shoving the meats into her mouth, and Jasmine had problems. She blamed her difficulties on her gag reflex, something that Jonna doesn’t have. In the end Cancun ate more than San Diego, so team SD is back in The Arena.

3. Two Time Winning Streak

For the second week in a row, Team Brooklyn has managed to defeat every other team in the competition and became the power team. They decided to send Team Cancun into The Arena for the first time, so now every team has had a taste of The Arena.

Also, Devyn made at bet to her team that if they won two times in a row she’d take of her wig and rock a ‘fro for a day. Voila:

2. Battle Within the Season

Frank hates his teammates. They won’t let him lead the team and don’t agree with him. After arguing with his team, he freaks out and says he won’t be made to look crazy. Perhaps his freak out is counter-intuitive?

1. Clash of the Titans

As it turns out, the only remaining Arena is Hall Brawl- a strength based event. Zach is against CJ and Sam is against Jasmine. Sam defeats Jasmine 2-0 for the ladies, but CJ defeats Zach 2-0 for the men. Because there’s a tie, the men must compete again to determine the winner. In the first heat of the tiebreaker round, CJ defeats Zach again. Then Zach gets fired up and beats CJ twice. Cancun has now lost two players and San Diego is still sitting pretty with four.

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  1. Great episode guys, I could rlaely tell that everyone in the episode was affected by this event and I rlaely can’t say how much I agree with you guys. This is one of the saddest moments in the series and I think that the anime will give this scene justice. I also liked how you guys used Dear Friends towards the end, too. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next episode!-TokageMoria

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