Rivals 2

Best Format for Challenge 24

Battle of the Seasons isn’t even over yet, but chatter of challenge 24 is already starting to roll in. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst concepts for season 24.


The Good

The Gauntlet 4- With an influx of newbies on Battle of the Seasons there seems to be a lack of fan favorites. The Gauntlet 4 would provide a great opportunity to have a cast the combines these newbies with our beloved veterans.

Rivals 2- Rivals was a popular format, and with all of the fighting that happened on Battle of the Seasons it seems like a great time to have a sequel. Perhaps male and females could be used this time? Who knows!


The Duel 3- A lot of people want to see this challenge, but The Duel 2 really wasn’t the great. In recent seasons MTV has made an effort to avoid “mob” style voting, but The Duel is really just a big popularity contest.

Cutthroat 2- I liked Cutthroat, but the random team format doesn’t seem too appealing to the general audience. I think they need to revamp the teams somehow to make it a better format. Perhaps each team could have a captain that’s a former challenge all-star.

The Ruins 2- We have a few new champions that could be used for the second installment, but the fact that the champions would be much stronger than the challenges would pose the same problem that was encountered in the first installment.


The Island 2- The first Island season was poorly done and lacked the structure found in regular challenges. If The Island returned I’d want the format to be so drastically reformatted that The Island 2 would bare no resemblance to The Island 1.

Battle of the Exes 2- There are very few “exes” that weren’t on the first one that could qualify for the second. All of the exes that weren’t on Battle of the Exes 1 were on Battle of the Seasons (Danny and Melinda, Knight and Jemmye, Robb and Marie, Zach and Ashley). MTV would have a hard time getting a fresh cast.

Fresh Meat 3- Fresh Meat was never a popular format, and there are a lot of rookies that could be included on challenges before Fresh Meat 3 would be necessary.

Battle of the Seasons 2- Too soon


Of course, there could always be a new format. Those can be fun!


  1. Perhaps a Cutthroat 2 but instead of random challengers, it would be three teams consisting of 8 peeps representing there MTV origins: Real Worlds vs. Road Rules vs. Fresh Meats. RW: Landon, Zach, CT, (Portlandia guy), Emily Shrom, Marie, Nany, (Portlandia girl). RR: Rachel, Katie, Kina, Jillian, Derrell, Derek, Theo, someone else. FM: Laurel, Evelyn, other two girls, Pete, Noor, Evan, someone else. Just a thought. Or a Duel 3 with all the top dogs to end with a pure Vet challenge and begin pure rookie era for the challenge

  2. I would like real world Vs. The World. This would be Real World cast members versus other reality show stars from shows like The Hills, Washington Heights, Jersey Shore, Buckwild, Road Rules, Making The Band, In the Circle, lol, google it. But I think that would be hot.

  3. Oh yeah Bad Girls Club, College Hill, Baldwin Hills, Harlem Heights, The Buried Life, Top Model, and more…

  4. Real World “The Tournament”…NCAA tournament style, head-to-head matches to get down from 16 or 32 or 64 to 1. Preliminary challenges and voting components could be used to decide who faces who. A lot of ways you could manipulate this basic format. Would be one helluva build up.

  5. im probally the only person who will say this but I liked the island I wouldn’t mind seing 2 just need to tweek it a little bit. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rivals with how last season went might make sense…..also wouldn’t mind seeing cutthroat again. those are my top 3 I think after we seen 3 of them its time to retire that concept its been done.

  6. The only problem with Road Rules si the cast are getting older and not doing as many challenges. As for the other shows vs Real World, they’d have production issues since they’re all different networks. I think the Island would be good if they put in challenges, but had the same elimination format.

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