Is Trishelle Worth Going Home Over?


Things are no longer rainbows and butterflies for Team Vegas. With Alton and Nany gone, Dustin and Trishelle are left to work together. Despite the fact that Dustin has won an elimination round and survived nine challenges without going home, he is willing to throw all of that away because he doesn’t like Trishelle.

How can Trishelle be that bad? I understand that she had a bad mission during Abandon Ship, and that she didn’t volunteer herself for The Arena, but why throw away your chances at $250,000 because you dislike someone. She no longer has the decision to not volunteer at The Arena, and if she loses a challenge she is definitely going into The Arena.

Then again, who actually leaves when they threaten to? Beth seems like the only one that comes to mind. You don’t want to be in the same boat as Beth, do you Dustin?


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