Battle of the Seasons

Which Girl Will Have the Hardest Time in the Final?

It’s no secret- when it comes to weak links, girls usually take the role. Some of them will tell you differently, but it’s rare to see a male become the team’s anchor (though not entirely unheard of…Big Easy). Here are my thoughts one which girls will be the most likely and least likely to become a nightmare during the final challenge.


1. Devyn- It’s not secret that Brooklyn thinks that she is a weak link. Now that she is in the final, she is the most likely to slow her team down. Though she never caused any serious problems in the challenges, she has always had the hardest time out of her teammates.

2. Sam- We saw Sam throw a temper tantrum during the Logged Out challenge, but she later redeemed herself in the physical Arena. Still, Sam remains a concern for team San Diego and if anyone is lagging behind, it will be her.

3. Trishelle- Trishelle always tries, but sometimes she has difficulties on challenges. As a viewer, I get frustrated with her because I think that she mentally checks out of challenge before she physically checks out. If I were Dustin, I’d be more afraid that she’d quit than anything else.

4. Sarah- Sarah is a trooper, and she will push herself to the limit. She is also a leader, and she will overcome challenges. The only reason that I didn’t put her as the least likely to be a problem is because she got taken out of the Cutthroat final. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself.

5. Ashley- She has never been a problem on a challenges. I don’t see her being a leader, because she doesn’t talk, but that means she won’t complain either. She’ll just follow Zach and Frank throughout the entire final.


Which girl do you think will have the hardest time with the final?

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