Battle of the Seasons

New Rivals and Exes from Battle of the Seasons

This season we saw a whole lot of new people on the challenge. Thank means there was tons of potential to create new rivalries and exes. Rival and Battle of the Exes were popular challenge seasons, and I wouldn’t be shocked to sequels to these seasons. Let’s check out some potential pairing that stem from Battle of the Seasons.



Of course we have Danny & Melinda, Zach & Ashley, Robb & Marie, and Knight & Jemmye, but all of these couples broke up before Battle of the Seasons started filming. These couple are products of Battle of the Seasons.

Zach & Jonna- Broke up after filming, but were a solid couple throughout the season. In true Jonna fashion, she ditched her real boyfriend at home for a showmance with Zach.

Sarah & AltonSarah admitted that feeling were more than just friendly, but the relationship fizzled. Still, I think this pairing is more valid than Sarah and Vinny, and they’d be quite the powerhouse team.

Devyn & Eric- The surprise couple of the season. Broke up after the show ended filming, but Devyn admitted that she went straight to Kentucky from Namibia to visit Eric. Feelings were really there!

CJ & Ashley- I’d much rather see Zach & Ashley as a pair, but this couple is another possibility. The relationship didn’t go far, but CJ did write a love note. How quaint!



Frank & Dustin – Frank could easily become rivals with many people on the cast (Alton, Zach, Wes) but I think that his rivalry with Dustin is his best one from the season. Dustin physically hit Frank, and Frank brought up Dustin’s porn background on multiple occasions. They two of them are destined to hate each other.

Zach & AltonZach claims that he just wanted to make Alton want to leave, but they two of them never got along. They’re still not in a good place.

Derek & Robb- “Oh my God he took his shirt off!” Derek and Robb resorted to shoving each other on two occasions, so who’s to say the shoving won’t continue?

Marie & Sam- Marie fought with many people this season, but her fights with Sam seem the most memorable. Marie shoved Sam into a potted plant and called Sam a *gasp* lesbian!

Jemmye & Camila- It might have just been a drunken bus fight, but I’m sure these two have both been in so many fights that they can’t remember them all. If production tells them that they’re rivals, they will assume they really are rivals and act as such.


  1. Jonna and zach 🙂 We already saw Ashley and zach working together. Both of them are boring.

    I know Jonna and Zach hate each other now because he cheated at her with ashlee from Real world New Orleans.

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