Battle of the Seasons

10 People From Battle of the Seasons I Want to See Again

I keep telling myself that I’m done with all of this Battle of the Seasons talk. Apparently I’m not. Every time I go onto Twitter I see posts from the cast and I am reminded of how much I liked them.

Here are ten people that appeared on Battle of the Seasons that I really think we need on another challenge:

10. Lacey


I know, a lot of people probably assume that Lacey is boring. But if you compare her to other competitors, she’s is an overall more pleasant person. While stress can lead to interesting fights, it’s sometimes refreshing to see a person with a positive attitude. Lacey could be that person, and she deserves another shot on a challenge.

9. Sarah- I know, most of you are thinking that she has been on the past 6 challenges. She has made it to the final three times and every time she lost I was upset. Plus there was that time that Vinny screwed her out of the Battle of the Exes competition. I’m fine with Sarah being on the show until she wins.

8. Knight- 90% of the time Knight is a dick. The other 10% of the time he’s a good guy. Honestly, I enjoy him 100% of the time. Even when he is causing havoc in the house, it’s fun to watch. Plus, we need more representation from Real World New Orleans 2.

7. Nany


I think everyone was a little bummed that Nany and Adam were not partnered together on Battle of the Exes. So when she appeared on Battle of the Season, I was really excited. We saw a lot of her this season too… between the fighting with Knight to her screaming with Frank she got a fair amount of camera time. It’s a shame that she “lost” in the Arena with Alton, and I think she needs to come back a prove she’s a strong competitor.

6. Marie- She might have been the loudest girl this season, but somehow we all loved her. She might just be the best thing to emerge from the St. Thomas season, and that’s reason enough to have her on another challenge.

5. Robb– Everyone loves a chain-smoking ginger, right? Well, maybe not, but we all seem to love Robb. There’s something about his sense of humor and blunt honest that makes him fun to watch on his shows, and I look forward to seeing him again in the future.

4. Trishelle- Trishelle returned to Battle of the Seasons after 8 years off of the show. This season was filled with 30 people she had never met before, but it would be interesting to see her interact with people that knew her prior to Battle of the Seasons. Would she be team old school or would she join the rookie revolution? We’d have to watch her on another season to find out.

3. Chet


Don’t underestimate Chet because he wears thick glasses and coral pants. He performs well in the challenges. I am confident that if just Chet and Sarah were representing team Brooklyn in the final, they would have won. With that said, Chet will become a champion sooner than later.

2. Devyn


OK, I know it, you know it, and she’ll admit it. Devyn is not the strongest competitor. But her commentary throughout the season was refreshingly funny. Devyn is one the people who deserves to be on the show because of her personality…so bring her back!

1. Zach


It only seems natural to put someone with the nickname “Thor” on a challenge. Despite the fact that he won Battle of the Seasons, I still see Zach being compared to everyone from CT to RW Austin’s Danny. If he is able to compete on a challenge where is not complete dependent on his team then he will be able to show how strong he truly is.


  1. I agree with the list, except for Zach. Devyn should be #1 and Marie #2…Anyways I stopped watching the show because I couldn’t stand seeing or hearing Frank or Zach anymore. I pray to God that they don’t gey cast anymore. This was the least watch Challenge season ever, jusy like Real World Sand Diego. I hope the producers and casting make the connection between BAD ratings & casting Frank & Zach…THEY NEED TO GO!

  2. This was such an amazing season. If only San Diego would have lost to Vegas or Brooklyn in the end then it would have been perfect. It was still the best season in years though and easily in the top 5 of all time.

    I would be okay if they just cast this exact same cast again next season haha. Out of everyone though the ones I really want to see again are Trishelle, Dustin, Nany, Chet, Devyn, Knight, Preston, McKenzie, Lacey, Trey and Marie.

  3. I agree with most of the list, but I would replace Zach with Dustin. I thought Lacey and Devyn were hilarious, but they really need to work are athleticism before they go on another challenge or we won’t get to hear their commentary for very long.

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