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One Episode Wonders

Right now we’re in an awkward period without The Challenge or The Real World. With a limited amount of information coming in, I am forced to reminisce on old challenges. Today, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the people that showed up for one challenge, got eliminated on the first episode, and never returned.

David E. (Battle of the Sexes)

Best known for fighting with Puck and being on the receiving end of a spitting incident, David voluntarily left Battle of the Sexes when Puck was allowed to stay on the show. He was angry with his team and production for siding with Puck, so it’s not surprising that he never returned for a second challenge.

Jacquese (Battle of the Sexes 2)

Jacquese was known for his sense of humor and drama-free attitude on The Real World San Diego. When he was eliminated from Battle of the Sexes 2, he didn’t hold resentment toward his teammates. Despite the fact that he is generally well liked, Ja has not returned for a second season.

Jo (The Gauntlet 2)

It’s not surprising that we haven’t seen Jo on a second challenge. She never really competed on The Gauntlet 2. After being repulsed by partying castmates, Jo decided to flee The Gauntlet 2. When she wasn’t able to leave immediately, she called the Trinidadian police to escort her off the island. I doubt she has ever been contacted about a second challenge, but even if she was, I doubt she’d accept.

Alex (The Gauntlet 3)

Challenges aren’t for everyone, and The Gauntlet 3 wasn’t Alex’s time to shine. After being voted into the first Gauntlet of the season, Alex put up a little bit of a fight before handing the win to Nehemiah. It’s obvious that we did not see him perform at his full potential, but he has never returned to redeem himself.

Emilee (Cutthroat)

Cancun got off to a tough start on Cutthroat. The blue team voted Emilee and Derek into the first Gulag, and both lost. Derek redeemed himself on Battle of the Seasons by almost making it to the final, but Emilee has not had the same opportunity. Her Cuthroat appearance remains her only challenge appearance.

Adam R. (Rivals)

Leroy and Adam proved to be a physical threat after finishing in first place in the first challenge on Rivals. Then Adam proved to be a social disaster when he started to argue with Ty. After listening to Ty’s nonsense for too long, Adam decided to punch Ty earning himself a flight home. It’s a same that he left so early, because he could have done really well (After all, Leroy made it to the finals with Mike as his partner).

Nate & Priscilla (Battle of the Exes)

It’s likely that these two are willing to return but have not have the opportunity. However, after a lackluster performance on the first Battle of the Exes challenge, to two found themselves in the first Dome of the season where they ultimately lost.

Lacey (Battle of the Seasons)

Lacey was on the most recent season, so obviously she has not had the chance to redeem herself. BUT after 7 years away from The Real World/ Challenges she returned just to get eliminated on the first episode.

ALSO OF INTEREST: Angel (The Gauntlet 3) was eliminated in the first female Gauntlet of the season. Technically she was on the show for 2 episodes, but that Gauntlet was the first one she was eligible for. She has never returned for a second challenge.

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