Rivals 2

Challenge 24- Is It on the Way?

Real World Portland has yet to air, but we are already starting to hear rumors about the upcoming challenge. TJ Lavin made reference to it during an appearance on Ridiculousness, but not much else is know. Nothing is official yet, it’s not even guaranteed that there will be another challenge, but chatter is starting to pop up. I have very limited information, but I’d like to share what I have.

Firstly, Tyler has mentioned that another challenge is looming on Twitter:


And various cast members have been talking fitness:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_6Screenshot_7

PS: Marlon is from Portland.

While the gym doesn’t mean much, especially considering the fact that many people will be going at the start of the new year, cast members tend to increase their gym activity prior to a challenge.

Also, many cast members are becoming increasingly chummy. Perhaps they’re hoping for an alliance!

And honestly, this is all I know.

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